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  1. good to see some fellow taz users on here usually when i check its mostly other stuff people are using. well i tried using it a year or so ago cuz i have a blackhead problem not so much pimples but i do get them. but when my derm first gave it to me to try out hes like "ok heres this put it on your nose and cheeks". long story short i didnt use moisturizer and it tore up my face. now im back on it and using it properly and it definitely is working. keep us posted mate we can all get through thi
  2. ive used bp plenty times before and ive been on the official regimen for over 2 weeks now but my skin is really really super sensitive so im wondering if i can get away with just apply the bp at night instead of two times a day? i realize that your skin is supposed to get used to the bp more and more eventually but my skin isnt just like peeling or flaking my whole cheeks and especially my chin have flakes that just cannot be removed whether i use jojoba oil or whatever. besides the oil makes t
  3. Hey I did a search of Ziana and your post was the first one that came up so I checked it out. I recently got prescribed Ziana about 3 weeks ago because I too have uber sensitive skin. My main problem is blackheads and not necessarily zits/pimples. The best thing about the z is that I haven't been getting any major zits and my skin hasn't been peeling. I was previously on Tazorac and a couple other retnoids that would just dry out my skin so bad and make me peel like a mutha. It does make my skin
  4. ha yeah i def dont layer the two so i was kinda thinking i should be ok.i actually put the taz on my cheek and nose and i would put bp everywhere else just wanted to know if it would just counteract the taz.like i was thinking that once they "got underneath" my skin they would combine and mess everything up lol.i know im very confusing but maybe u know what im trying to say?
  5. ummm thanks for responding but that doesn't answer my question any whatsoever.
  6. so i know that you're not supposed to use bp with a retnoid because the bp will make it so that the retnoids dont work basically.but what im wondering is if when i use the taz at night will it still be ok if i use bp on the areas where i dont put taz on and both of them will still work as they should? i use taz for blackheads on my nose and some open pores on my cheeks right underneath the eye area.i dont get pimples there but everywhere else i do.for a while i used bp in the morning and then t
  7. nothing will magically make them go away thats for sure.ive been trying for years to no avail yet.but the paulas choice stuff works ok especially the bha liquid.go see are dermatologist if you havent yet otheriwse good luck we're all here to help each other out.
  8. I think I'm finally going to order myself one from the internet.I'm pretty versed in all things blackheads LOL but I've never used a extractor myself I've only let my derm use one.I know you should obviously use common sense like don't push extremely hard etc. but I'm wondering if any of you out there that use one have any tips for a rookie extractor like myself. I've tried everything under the sun to help get rid of my blackheads to no avail.I've been using Tazorac cream 0.1 for well over a ye
  9. I've been using Tazorac (0.1 cream) for about a year and a half now and I'm wondering it it will lose its effectiveness over time?I've read varying opinions on this but I'm not sure what to believe because everyone has there own little theories. I hope it doesn't wear off because my blackheads haven't really budged at all.I did notice that after the first couple months I started to use it that it made them much more visible but I guess that was a sign they were starting to come out.Fast forward
  10. hey you definitely shouldnt use anything with bp in it when using taz.basically bp makes the taz worthless because it neutralizes the taz.for a cleanser you want one that doesnt contain soap and is gentle on skin.i use dans cleanser but cetaphil gentle skin cleanser works really well too you can get that pretty much everywhere.
  11. So I was wondering after using Tazorac (I use the 0.1 cream) for for months on end will the effects wear off after a while?I've read varying opinions on this and I'm wondering if anyone has any concrete information on this.I would just call my derm but I'd have an easier time getting a hold of Obama.
  12. hey im glad i found this thread ive tried to get help with this but no one would ever respond.i know exactly what u mean by your situation though dude.before i started using taz ( 0.1 cream) my skin was never oily whatsoever.but for the past year or so since ive started using taz my face is always super oily.i use taz for my black heads on my nose and clogged pores/scars on my cheeks.it suuucks so bad and its really annoying have to blot my face every hour and a half or so.especially if im out s
  13. well keep in my mind whenever u use a new product it will take some time for your face to adjust to it.for me it took about a month or so with the bha liquid for it to adjust where i wasnt overly dry and breaking out more than usual.that aha stuff is powerful so be careful with it. man the flakes are so annoying i still have them.i have them on my nose and cheeks where my pores are clogged up i havent found anything to get them to go away for good and ive tried lots of stuff.my main problems ar
  14. wow sorry i forgot i posted this.well my order finally came back in january.i ordered it at the end of december and it took about 2 weeks or so to get to me.it takes so long because they order it from malaysia i believe it is.its definitely somewhere in asia because you get a good size tube of the stuff and its all in japanese text with like a anime cat face on the front lol. ive been using it once every week since ive had it.it definitely doesn't work for me like that video i wanna know what t