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  1. Thanks for the replies you two, decided to give it another go =D .
  2. Hello all, Just need some advice regarding the regimen again. I was on it for about a year then stopped about 3 months ago, after reading some articles stating bp can cause long term damage to your skin, now my skin is back to looking as bad as it was before, so I'm thinking of ignoring those articles and ordering the regimen again. Before I do though, have any of you that have been on the regimen noticed any negative long term effects?
  3. Exercise, god, and hope are the only things keeping me sane
  4. Amazing, what a difference. I imagine that must take her hours to apply each day though, almost seems not worth it =/ .
  5. Haha what a coincidence then. Well regarding it working for scars, here is a quote from the article I read it on, I'll also post the source at the bottom of this post. "Since coconut water has cleansing and toning effects on the skin, therefore it’s very effective on the acne marks and acne; it works well on blackheads too. Not only the coconut water, but coconut milk and oil are also very beneficial for the skin." "Coconut water can be straight away applied on the face; regular application will
  6. So I've been reading a lot of articles lately about the health benefits of coconut water and it's supposedly beneficial effect on the skin for acne and scars. It's supposed to have a cleansing and toning effect on the skin, and over all it detoxifies our body. It's got tons of other effects as well but I won't get into those, but if you're curious just look up "coconut water for skin". I also noticed it's a common ingredient in beauty products, which is what got me curious about it to begin with
  7. Thank you guys for the replies, as for a rash I don't think it would be that because it is constantly there for months, a rash should go away eventually. The excessive redness is probably because I was picking at my skin that day so it's probably just irritated in that pic. I'm more concerned as to what those bumps are that appear under the skin. @Timehealsall yes, I have taken antibiotics in the past on more than one occasion. Folliculutis is an interesting suggestion, I haven't considered
  8. Edit: feel free to delete this topic, no longer needed.
  9. Hey man, I know how you feel since I'm in the exact situation as you. I got acne at a late age as well, and once it all cleared up, and I thought it was all over, it leaves you with bad quality skin, and a rough hard texture. It's frustrating since in certain lighting I look good, but the minute I go in the sunlight I look like complete ****. I've been struggling for two years with this, and I have yet to find any solution, all I can say is hang in there, the most we can hope for is it eventual
  10. Your thoughts are pretty good, I don't agree with everything, but they are still inspiring so keep them coming.
  11. I'm the same as you, I can eat whatever I want without breaking out, however some people aren't as fortunate and some foods they eat truly does break them out and give them more acne, so for some they really do have to watch what they eat. Back on topic though You know you're an acne sufferer when you use any object around you that gives off a reflection to examine your face.
  12. Hey Thanks for your encouragement I appreciate it. You're right about that it is very difficult to ignore and I've let this whole problem take control of my life, I don't know how I'll do it but I'll find a way to get over it, I'm already feeling better now. Thanks again for the support, I forget sometimes I'm not alone in this, I'm glad I came back to this site today, the people here are great.