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  1. Hello all. Just a quick update to let you know I'm still around! I just haven't had much to post lately, most everything is the same. My face is mostly clear, there is usually about 1-2 pimples hanging out on my face, but they surface and clear quickly. I truly do not think about my complexion besides when I am applying my make-up. I used to have it in the back of my head nearly all day, so this is a major step for me! Side effects are mostly the same. Very sore, very achy. I've gone do
  2. Hello there! Sorry to hear that you are experiencing your IB. I know that right at about the 1 month mark was when I also experienced mine. And I truly wanted to put a bag over my head, it felt so miserable. It took about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks til it started improving. At the time it seemed like it was forever, b/c every day was so painful, but now looking back, it really seems like such a long time ago. Once I hit the 2 month mark it's only been improving since. I've been wondering how your r
  3. Hey there R4B!!! You are looking great! I've been feeling guilty about not being on here for awhile and so I thought I'd check in on my old acne buddies! I can see a huge difference in your skin. You can tell that it really has flattened out a ton. Isn't it nice to feel confident?!! Good for you, being able to get back out there working with people again too. It's so nice to get on here and read so many logs of people who started close to my start date and to see that we are all getting
  4. Lol, well I suppose I am another Old Lady on here! We seem to have quite the club. Acne sucks no matter the age - but I should be worried about wrinkles, not acne! Good luck with your training for the 1/2. I did my first 1/2 last spring and I loved it. Accutane has def. put a kink in my running though. I was running 5-7 miles 5 days a week when I started. Now I only run about 2 miles 3x's a week. I'm just so tired and sore. The story of your daughter's comment hit close to home for me.
  5. 2 days down! So glad you have started! Just wanted to wish you an official "Good Luck" as you start your course!
  6. Hello all! Haven't been around much for awhile, but I'm not obsessing about my skin anymore, so that's probably why! Went for my 3 month check-up. Same old, same old - just asking and answering questions, and getting my lab order. I'm super backed up on pills though! I've been taking 2 pills a day, then 1 pill a day - so I have a ton sitting around. Face is looking good! One little break out in the middle of my left cheek. There were about 4-5 little skin colored bumps there that finall
  7. Day 74 Not much to report here. Still no cysts. I really could live with the acne I have now - but of course now I'm not settling for anything less than clear! It's just so nice not to have huge throbbing painful cysts. Still struggling with the sides of my face, but my hair completely covers it, so it's ok. There's about 4-5 actives on each side - it's like right in front of my ears. I'll have to show a pic next time I upload. I had a late night last night - but by even 10:00 my back wa
  8. No new actives in over a month?!! Me = jealous!! That's great news. So how much longer do you think your dr will have you take it?
  9. Hi Carly! Just wanted to wish you luck. Hope the waiting game doesn't feel too long for you! That's great that your dr. was so understanding about it, and that you were able to get the process underway. You're taken your first step towards clear skin!!
  10. Hi Melissa. Thanks for stopping by my log. Sorry to hear the side effects are hitting you already. 80 mg. does seem like a high dose to start out at for your weight. I am 135 and I started at 40 mg. for the first month and I am now doing 80 mg. til the remainder of the course. I was worried that 2nd month too - and that is really when I started noticing the side effects such as the back and ankle pain. Sorry to hear about your running. I know this might be hard to hear - but I've had to
  11. Oh....sooo jealous about the "dabbed on concealer"!!! Can't remember the last time I just dabbed on makeup! But I do like how non-bumpy my face is right now, so I have caught myself staring at my reflection a bit more these days too! Congrats on the freedom!
  12. You are pretty funny - you are way over-thinking this breakout thing! I really don't see much of one anyway - you look good! But it probably is just the accutane starting to do it's thing, I would think. 2 weeks down!
  13. Day 70 (or tomorrow is anyway - so close enough!) Acne Status: Soooo happy to report that things are going very well. I can't remember the last time my face looked this good. There are no cysts on my face right now - not even left over stuff from inactive ones. The only place I have any active pimples is on both sides of my face (right where my sweat drips down when I workout). There are a few tiny flesh colored bumps on my cheeks (approx 5 of them). I'm hoping these don't turn into full-
  14. You are very pretty!! And your acne doesn't look bad to me at all - I know what you mean about the camera phone and all - but it still doesn't look bad. Is it mostly just in your chin area? Hope this "wait time" is going as quickly as possible for you.