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  1. Superjail! Love your userpic.

    1. I used to be that way too. Now my skin is 10x better.
    2. Go no matter what. You shouldn't avoid things you like because of a zit.
    3. Get the super MAX ACNE STRENGTH cleansers and whatnot. My skin was so dry and painful for weeks.
    4. I feel so insecure. It seems everyone around me has beautiful skin.
    5. I stopped drinking Diet Coke heavily about two months ago, and my skin has improved so much. I feel a lot better, too.
    6. I dislike picture day mainly because I always seem to make a really stupid face.
    7. Having a flavor will not affect the benefits in any way. You could put honey in, but I'm not sure how that would taste.
    8. No wonder I'm so healthy. Yay, no cancer for me~