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  1. Hi! I just started Spiro today. My dermo said that Spiro basically came into popularity after Accutane grew popular and there was (and still is!) a certain subset of women whose acne comes back even after accutane and other advanced treatments. These women tend to have acne (esp. cysts) concentrated on the chin and jaw. Often have oil skin and hair, irregular menstrual periods, and hair growth that is higher in areas than a majority of women. Also, having these symptoms doesn't mean you have a
  2. Hi. I would try a lower estrongen birth control pill with a lower androgen count than Loestrin24 FE before taking such a jump to Dianette, which is higher on the estrogen-dosage on the 'BCP Spectrum'. I also was on Loestrin24 FE for similar reasons (acne, but not terrible--only a few cysts), and it made my chin really terrible. I stayed on it for six months and then decided to switch to another BCP (Cryselle) which hasn't helped either. My doctor says YAZ can be good for people that are sensiti
  3. Hi! So I know experiences are different for everyone with bcp's, but I am wondering if Yaz has helped anyone clear their acne on their chin/jaw/lower face. I've heard that often Yaz messes up people's faces if they don't have acne and those who do get better. But yeah, my doc just said I should start Yaz and I think I will next week. Any stories/experiences/advice? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the advice. yeah, it's just nice to hear from other people like y'all and what others think. I think accutane might be the best route but I just want to know if hormonal acne is also something that accutane can cut back on--if what I have is hormonal--the doctors don't give me input. Also, sorry for posting this in the wrong message board and thanks for letting me know.
  5. I am a 23-year old female. I need some advice! I had a few zits in high school but didn't develop acne until college. I've tried differin, tazarac, benzoyl peroxide gels, clynomicin, tea tree oil washes, and was on mynocycline for two years. The mynocycline cleared up my backne and my face was pretty stable until I stopped responding to it during my second year. I quit take the oral antibiotics a year ago and started taking birth control--two different types (Lo-Estrin 24 FE and Cryselle) whi