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  1. I have never read a post of acne.org that describes my situation perfectly. My face is exactly like yours...I'm also in my 30's, only chin acne, random cysts, i think it's hormonal even though i'm on birth control and my derm says it's controlling my hormones perfectly (Yaz 28) - no clue what's causing it. My derm just gave me Aczone (dapsone 5%) and i'm hoping it works well for me since you had great results with it. One question - do you put on all over your chin? or more like a spot treatmen
  2. Dear bluekit, I also have PCOS and wanted to know what skin care routine you follow to control your acne. Thanks!
  3. I get a lot of hormonal acne on my chin (whitehead and ocassional cysts), it's very oily and I was breaking out and scaring horribly. My doctor recommended Tazorac 0.05% cream. I'm only a week into it , but I have noticed a big difference - purging removed a lot of my whiteheads, scars are fading slowly and less oil. If anyone has too much peeling of the skin, I would take a break and skip a day. I know my skin can't handle the after effects of tazorac like redness, burning and peeling. So I use
  4. I would suggest stopping tazorac use 2 days before you get a microderm treatement. Your skin will become inflammed and irritated if you do not - too many treatments (microderm and medication) isn't good for the skin. Hope this helps!
  5. Do put make up on afer using Clindoxyl Gel? Do you find that your make up won't cover well as a result? I suffer with the same issues as you. I just started taking Minocin as perscribed by my doctor and I was also given Retin A and Clindoxyl Gel. I was told to use Clindoxyl Gel in the day time and Rentin A at night every other day. I just wanted to know how your skin was reacting to the Clindoxyl Gel and any make up you may be using. Thanks
  6. frustrated27


    Does anyone know how long it takes to notice any results? I just started Aviane since my doctor recommended this due to my testosterone levels. Thanks! S
  7. Hey Kristen, my name is Seryna. I have been on rentin-A for 6 months and can honestly tell you that it's more if a band aid solution and does not show any consistent form of control. I was on .04 retin a and just recently prescribed .1 to see if a stronger dose would make a difference, if it does I will let you know I have monderate acne but it's progressively getter worse, I get a lot of whiteheads.... Just wanted to give you a heads up so you don't waste your time on it like I did. I know
  8. Here goes.... I'm 27 years old and have had a lot of adult acne - underneath the surface of my skin, whiteheads and pustles. I was given the Retin-A topical cream, it has helped control my acne but has been more of a band-aid solution. Most of my acne is on my side burns and chin - my cheeks and forehead is completely clear. I know my dermetoligist will now recommend oral antibiotics - Minocin. I have heard horrible things about oral antibiotics and their side effects. My day to day rechime is b