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  1. what if you have a big white head ready to pop! do you leave it and go on your day like normal at work in front of customers?
  2. thanks for all the helpful posts, every time I go on break I go into the bathroom and try to avoid the mirror but when I look at it I see bright red cheeks and marks. I stopped the benzoyl peroxide 2 days ago and I have a feeling I will start getting more white heads!
  3. wow It just arrived in the mail and now I'm hearing all this.
  4. ok so thers 2 contradicting posts and I want to know the truth before I try it. My face is red because of the benzoyl peroxide which I have stopped.
  5. I've started this for the last 2 days but I want to know if i'm doing it right. Please let me know. Heres what I do: I get a cup I get a spoon I put 2 spoons of water in the cup I put 1 spoon of Apple cider V in the cup and then mix Finally I use a cotton ball as dab it on my face. Does it sound right? Thanks.
  6. Ive been using something similar to benzac for about 2 months. I works but my face is so RED right now it looks so bad in the mirror. I think the toner still works since the air in the atmosphere is cold anuways.
  7. whenever I look in the mirror I look like a freaken burn victim. My cheeks are so red and im sick of paying $50 a month for stuff that makes me worse
  8. I think that the benzoyl has been making my face really red. I must admit I think I have been using a little too much. Its been 2 months. I ordered emu oil online. Tonight i put some apple cider vinegar with water in a cotton ball and put it on my cheeks. after like two minutes i rinsed it off because my whole room and face smelled like rotten feet. I plan on using it nightly because i work in the mornings. Any tips?
  9. Anybody here have any experience with emu oil? How long does it take for it to reduce red marks. How do I incorporate it with a benzoyl regimen.
  10. So i will starting a new job today and I will be around girls all the time. The lights are really bright and I am nervous about it. I get about 1 pimple every week but I have reddish skin with marks on both cheeks. Any advice on how to make a good impression to the co workers. Should I be out going and funny, or nice and quiet???
  11. I want to know if you guys know of any websites that target specifically people with acne. Would it be a good idea? I have acne and scars so I was just wondering.
  12. Almost in every post in the Severe acne section people only seem to suggest going to Derm or Accutane. Some of us are paying college and holding down a part time job and have no money to experiment tons of prescriptions. BTW I have gone to the dermatologist and they gave me junk that didn't work and made my skin worse. They were sad to see me go because that would mean no more scamming me for my money. I think there is no cure for acne or anything that will help. Every product claims to be t
  13. WOW $200 for some unknown liquid that claims the same things as tons of other over the counter products! You love exploiting us don't you, all you wanna do is make $$ off our crappy skin!
  14. It looks like all of the other 3 step crappy systems on a beautiful bottle. Doesn't even show the ingredients. "What We Use Lightweight, non-pore clogging formulas Cold-pressed, herbal plant extracts & essential oils Pure, cold processed, plant based carrier oils Performance ingredients at effective levels (to ensure the formula remains potent) Special delivery vehicles (to enhance penetration and absorption) Cruelty-free ingredients (Products tested on humans, not animals) Simple packagin