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  1. Hey People, Is it bad to take B5 when I am on supplyments? I am currently taking creatine once a day for workouts. So when I get my B5 should I discontinue my creatine workouts? Or is it ok to take both?
  2. Whats a good wash recommended for sensitive skin? Can it be purchased at wal-mart, safeway, qfc, etc...
  3. That clear logix better work, I got 5 nasty pimples on my face and they dont seem to go away even with bp.
  4. Where can I get this Aloe vera soothes product? Is it a lotion or a bath product? Can I buy it in Safeway or Rite-Aid?
  5. Wow thankx for the info guys! No need for the harsh relpys...Im smart enough not too buy accutane online, I just wanted to know.
  6. Can I buy this accutane product online? Have any of you guys purchased any off the internet? What are some highly recommended sites?
  7. Yeah, they look 10x worse when I finish taking a shower. As the day progresses the marks begin to blend with my skin. Are there any kinds of cures for red marks? I'm so sick of them, people from a distance always mistaken them as pimples and as they come closer they find out my skin is pretty smooth.
  8. I have them all over my face! I tried using the lemon and vinegar method and none worked. I feel like running the side of my face agaisnt concrete, because I would much rather have a torn up face than red marks.
  9. What are these tiny little bumps on my face? They are not very small and are everywhere! You cant pop them, there is no puss! I have a couple of pimples which I can pop. What are these tiny little bumps? Is there a way too remove them? Ok, I have alot of red marks from previous breakouts, they have been on my face for quite a while, is there a way to fade it all out? Ive tried lemon and vinager method, which did not seem to work. Are there any products out where I can put on my face t
  10. everybody put a list of products that fade away red marks. vita-k lemon juice scotch tape
  11. i bought a small 1 oz OXY Maximum Acne Treatment Vanishing cream(10% BP), im going to put some on later tonight but i would just like to know if any you have had any experience with it? is it even worth the $5.19?
  12. would you rather have a CLEAR flawless face forever or have 50 million dollars and keep how looks right now. just wondering
  13. which Vita K solution do i get? there are severeal kinds.
  14. im just wondering how do you get scars? do you have to pick at the imples or something? i have alot of red marks are previous acen will they turn into scars?
  15. i feel for you dude, but someday... someday... there will be a cure for ACNE.