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  1. Help. When I go on a long day, my faces gets red when it's oily and my pores open. Help. Anyone experience something like that?
  2. okay. thanks alot. i was thinking whether a good after sun lotion could act like a moisteriser. like sooth and hydrate my skin? thanks. btw i'm not swimming competitively. but i'm swimming almost everyday. if not maybe on alternate days. i'm thinking of getting into it as a career. thanks . does long term in chlorinated pools have any effect on health? hair dryness? anything? skin? haha . sorry for asking it here. just want to know. thanks.
  3. Hi. I want to go swimming while on the regimen. Can anyone give me some advice or tips? What would be a good sunscreen for me? And do I need to apply a after sun lotion? Which brand would be better?
  4. hi. i place a unwanted towel on my pillow to prevent it from bleaching my pillow case. hope it helps ! (:
  5. i personally feel that BP left on your skin will be like an active ingredient to prevent pimples. so just leave it on. for me i only do BP at night. in the mornings i dont like to have anything on my face. as i like the kind of natural feeling of my face. so i only put BP and moisturise at night. but it has been working great for me. i'm almost one month on the regimen. i just finished my breakouts. clearing definitely.
  6. i realised that face will dry up if i use BP at night and dont moisturize. but its not reccommended daily. cause your face will go really dry. it really depends on your skin type too.
  7. sometimes after sun exposure , it gets red too. because BP robs you away of your SPF 3. anyway do you guys have any good sunscreen to reccommend to me? i'm 17 guy.
  8. Hi, I would to ask if anyone has the same experience as me. Sometimes my face would flush red easily. When stressed or anxious or maybe when I don't drink water for a while. When I bend or exert strength. Why do I always flush? Does BP make you flush easily?
  9. Hey. Good luck to your clear skin! Cheers! (:
  10. it should be okay. i'm not doing it 12 hours apart. but still. its showing good results. yeah. (: have you got your products to begin with?
  11. it wont cause zitz tho. but you might still get outbreaks. but not because of the moisterizer. but totally cause you're new to the regimen. but it still depends on your personal reaction with this moisterizer. cause different people have got different reactions to different products. ya know?
  12. Yeah. Does B complex makes any difference for you? Please share. Is E good for fading red marks?