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  1. Sometimes I get these tiny little seeds under my skin. If I leave them alone slowly they get bigger and bigger until it breaks out. About 80% of the time if I steam my face and squeeze gently all the gunk comes out and there is no breakout. But the other 20% it will just irritate it and will end up being a big pimple. Is there a better way to do this? Maybe a esthetician?
  2. I had a huge pimple under the skin for 3 weeks that wouldn't go away so I went to my dermatologist and had it injected with cortisone. After 3 days it was about 95% gone just a little bit of swelling left. Its stayed like that for 2 weeks. So today I "think" its starting to swell a little more. It never completely went flat and now I'm starting to freak out thinking its returning. I have a big event on Friday and dont need this monster coming back. It doesn't hurt or anything, I've never had a