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  1. hi i am new here and i would really appreciated any help from any veteran or from anyone at all that could give me some answers. I had acne when i was a teenager, but then in my twenties i got on birth control pills and my face clear up completely, and when i turn 28 i got off of the birth control because me and my partner was trying to have a baby, well since i turn 30 till now (i am now 31) my face have been breaking out around my cheeks on and off like about 5 to 10 pimple a month and leavin
  2. can you let me know what aloe vera product you are using. thanks so much for your help.
  3. hi i am new here but i just got my first blu u treatment at my dermatologist and when i went in i have spf 95 on my face and the dermatologist didn't take it off or wash my face at all, all she did was just direct me to lay down and put the eye goggle over my eye and then turn the light on and i was under it for i think around 15 min. and then that it i left but now i am home and have read a few site that stated my face was suppose to be clean before the treatment. Could anyone let me know if t