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  1. Hi, I've been taking Spiro for some time now... And, for sure in the beginning, i was peeing like crazy, like every hour or so. I still have to go to the bathroom frequently, because i do drink lots of water, but i believe it's less frequent than the first few months of taking spiro...
  2. Wow Greengables! I didn't think of that!!! you are right! omg, my body was prob shocked from the sudden high increase in dosage.... i was so desperate! well, it's been 7 months since, and dont you think my body would have 'calmed down' by now..? i'm scared to reduce it to 100mg because i dont' want to break out again (if my body is already used to the 150mg dosage..) i'm hoping that it'll take more time to clear? Edit: Oh yeah! i just remembered, i did immediately change back to 100 mg
  3. Hi Everyone, Need some encouragement here. I first started taking Spiro (100mg/day) about two years ago for my mild but persistent adult acne which developed all of a sudden and spiro worked so well after only 4 months. At the 4 month mark, i was left only with scars and no more acne! i was so happy. Then, i thought i can reduce the amount as I was clear... so, i began taking 50mg a day, and for three months, it was still all good. Then at the 3rd month mark, my face started to get oily a
  4. HI Community, This post is for the people who had success with using Differin to achieve clear skin. I have been prescribed Differin gel .1 to use every night along with Clyndamicyn solution to use every morning. I have been faithfully following this routine for the past 8 weeks. I am aware of the "initial breakout" phase most people experience with Differin and that it generally takes 3-6 months to see full results. Well, I am having a difficult time assessing the effectiveness of this me