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  1. I would start dan's regimen for sure. The problem with your regimen is that you don't have something on your face during the day that is helping to fight and prevent acne, only at night which isn't fully effective. Buying Benzoyl Peroxyide 2.5% with the perfect amount could essentially really help your problem. But the key is you have to have the right amount and you have to be very gentle because if your not gentle that irritates your skin which not only causes redness but can lead to MORE B
  2. I'm glad you decided to start the regimen! I had the very same problem with clogged pores on my forehead so I know what your going through! Everything your describing sounds pretty normal and the key to the regimen is giving it time. Don't give up because it does work!! Give it time it can take up to a few months but different cases vary. Just make sure your doing it all correctly, its sometimes even helpful to go back and watch dan's videos to make sure your being very gentle on your face,
  3. Is applying BP and moisturizer necessary after swimming?! It seems like it would be because it comes off? I am going swimming tomorrow and I have no idea what to do?? ahh any help is great
  4. What is the best treatment for non inflamed bacne, I want to hear everyones in put on this because I currently do nothing for it?
  5. I have been on the regimen(DKR) for about a week or so and I am seeing great results but starting yesterday my face has been insanely itchy!! I have tried very hard not to touch my face and I am doing pretty good but I am wondering if this is normal?? Has anyone else experienced this or am I the only one???
  6. So I have been on DKR for over a week now and my acne is really improving, but I just relized the only thing thats impoving is the appearence. The tiny bumps are still there but there just not red and I guess have never been inflamed. I'm wondering if acne that is not inflamed takes longer to go away or if Dan's Regimen is even good for me because my acne doesn't really look like any one elses on this site. Is anyone in the same boat with non inflamed acne that is only really visible if close
  7. So I wear makeup most days over my BP and moisturizer but at night when I go to wash my face the makeup doesn't come off..I have been using neutrogena makeup remover wipes which gets it off but I wonder if this will cause me breakouts?! does anyone know of any ideas that won't irritate my skin too much or are the nuetrogena wipes ok??
  8. Either use Dan's Acne.org regimen or accutane, since you say your not suppose to use BP accutane may be best, you should most likely qualify but it seems like your really doing more harm than good to your face, you are irritating it with all the scrubs and washes.
  9. Well im on the acne.org regimen so the BP is on my face while i work out then i take a shower and reapply so I think thats why I dont break out when I sweat but its not like a apply a third time i just make sure i work out in the morning and center my workouts around when i do my regimens.
  10. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. The site, while it may have good information, does sell its own treatment line.* I went to a valid website and researched BP because this post scared me and it is by no means true what you are saying about long term use.
  11. I use olay sensitive skin moisturizer and it has 15 spf and doesn't make me break out its amazing!!
  12. If its effective then continue with it, if you really want to try to get off of it you can experiment and try but just remember your taking the risk of breaking out and break outs then take a while to go away so if i were you i would stick with what works.