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  1. Hey everyone, I really appreciate any help or suggestions! I've been using BP for awhile now...inconsistently, but still using it on a regular basis. It is effective against my acne, but it also dries me out like crazy and doesn't give me an appealing facial appearance (IMO). I'm gearing up for a complete drop of BP in my acne fighting regimen (which scares me) and starting to look at natural possibilities. I've been working out consistently the last two months, started eating righ
  2. @chococrit thanks for your post. Are you using BP by any chance? I always tell myself to drink a ton of water a day and I'll do it for about 3 or 4 days but then stop. Same thing with working out, so hard to be consistent! Anyway, do you have any suggestions on something that is effective yet less harsh? Let me know! @timehealsall Both, but I honestly couldn't say. I feel like they are noticeable all the time. Just recently I looked at some pictures and thought that BP might have some
  3. I'm sure it's safe. I haven't had any major problems with it, I'm just not sure if its making my skin look worse in the fresh sense.
  4. Thanks for your responses! The times that I have switched out of BP to other products have been jarring for my skin and so I naturally go back to it. I have tried using less like you guys but for some reason it doesn't seem to do the trick. @FallingAmidstTears is your acne very mild? The natural products I've used in the past aren't too effective.
  5. Hello everyone! I want to thank you in advance for reading this, any help would be greatly appreciated! Okay so I've been concerned lately with the effects BP has on my skin. It's undoubtedly great at keeping acne at bay if used consistently, but I'm worried that the scars and other undesirable things on my face are more noticeable because of it. My Dad mentioned my face looked like it needed color the other day and I wondered if that had something to do with the BP. Another example, in
  6. So I'm waiting on a shipment of Dan's BP and I've been out of my old bottle for quite some time now... or so I thought... I had a an idea. I took my handy knife and cut the thing open from top to bottom and opened it up. It was a GOLD MINE. It was like Christmas. SO much BP I felt like giving some away! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this but I haven't seen anything regarding it so I thought I might as well post about it! Cheers. ~ Erik
  7. I have a question for anyone who is customizing their own personal regimen and is having good results! I am just looking for a light cleanser (Dans cleanser didn't seem to work out too well) preferably cheap as well as a moisturizer with SPF for use in the mornings. I have cetaphil for night time. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! ~ Erik
  8. Yeah you got some on your chin but really, I don't think you should be freaking out about it. Every other part of your face is flawless without any signs of scarring. You just have to nail a method down to keep that area at bay. I'm not breaking out too bad, but I have scarring, I honestly wish I was in your position! Good luck. ~ Erik
  9. hey! I was just curious, what sulfur products do you recommend? I didn't see a post where you explained your regimen.

  10. Interesting read my man! I'm actually trying to find a new, "lighter" regime because, just like you, seem to see the correlation with washing my face with cleansers etc. and increasing acne. Good luck brotha! Let us know how you come out. ~ Erik
  11. go to "my menu" scroll down to my albums. go to new album, then create album and start uploading :) hope that makes sense!

  12. Alright I'm not a newbie to these boards, but I can't seem to find a forum specifically for personal regimens (i.e. not acne.org regimen). I thought they had one before. I seem to find personal regimens on different forums, but sometimes they are few and far between. Thanks for your help! ~Erik
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  14. lol idk how can u tell me how 2 upload them :P?