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  1. Hi there! This is a post of desperation! I have to be in a wedding tomorrow, and I made the mistake of picking at a blemish, and now I have a really ugly scab on my chin. For whatever reason, normal concealer doesn't seem to stick to it. Any advice? I really don't want this to show up in all the wedding photographs! Thank you for any advice!
  2. Hello there! I guess I should probably have started this thread with what I'm doing, rather than just asking what to avoid, so consider this post a bit of a late revision to my first one. Here's what I've been doing: My diet is pesca-vegan (i.e. vegan, with the exception of eating fish), heavy in raw fruits and vegetables, and mostly organic (except when I can't afford it). I also drink two cups of tea a day (black, not green...even though I've heard it is recommended for its skin benefits, it
  3. I've only just begun to do my investigation into what causes my acne and here are the prime suspects Junk food. Too many cosmetics and use of brands that just dont agree with me (nivea for men, Bio oil, clearisil cleansers). Shaving. Stress. The jury is still out on dairy products (given it up for a month and my skin hasn't really improved) and diet coke (same thing). Refined sugars, and definitely (definitely!) lack of sleep. For some reason, sleep is a big deal for me. Quest
  4. Hi there- I'm new to the whole holistic acne treatment scene, but since my dermatologist has been pushing accutane pretty hard lately, and I'm not interested, I thought I'd try the other direction. So I'm trying a very healthy diet, one with lots of organic fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. But I'm wondering if there are any foods in particular that I should try to avoid, and would love to hear any advice anyone has on what to stay away from? Thank you!
  5. Hey there- It seems worth mentioning that anything that speeds up your digestive system can mean the probiotics are given less time to be absorbed into your system. In other words, avoid foods that generally tend to "speed things up" (e.g. caffeine or high-fiber foods) for a few hours after taking them. I've been taking New Chapter Organics Probiotic All-Flora, and have been pretty happy with it as well. Best of luck!
  6. adultacne27


    Could you tell me what the difference is between niacin, nicotinamide, or niacinamide? I've looked them all up online, and they all seem to be related, but I'm not sure which is which, or which one to take? Thanks!
  7. Well, the dermatologist was a bit of a disappointment. Mostly because he was so adamant about my going on accutane. I just really want to avoid it. I've just heard SO MANY horror stories about accutane side effects that I really want to avoid it if possible. Instead I'm going to keep trying to stop picking, because, well, it certainly can't be any good for me. And I've also gone back on the clindamyacin. So, here's the regimen as it stands: Morning: 1.5% SA wash 20 minutes under Blue light 1%
  8. Still persisting with the current regimen (as listed above), and have finally managed to rid myself of the extreme flakiness I had before, likely as a result of BP overuse, and retin-A use. Unfortunately, my acne is still persisting as well. I've started using a bit of Clyndomyacin again (approx. every other night) as of two nights ago, since I just can't seem to get my face under control. Seriously! Sometimes it's just so frustrating! Dermatologist visit this coming Monday...considering goi
  9. Ok, so I've had to add a little bit more moisturizer to my regimen, since my face has still been flaky/dry. So, I've added moisturizer to my night regimen as well. Here is what I now do at night: Murad 1.5% SA cleanser 25-30 mins under Trophy Skin blue light Murad skin perfecting lotion sleep! I've had two new cysts on my chin, and unfortunately, the blue light seems to be bringing out my freckles, which I do NOT like, but other than that, it looks like it is recovering a bit. Cross your fi
  10. Totally screwed up and picked at a cyst on my chin today. Ugg...now it's going to take so much longer to heal. Why do we (I!) pick! It's just so tempting!
  11. Ok, so I'm still sticking to my no topicals and no medications program. I'm only had two or three new blemishes (mostly on my chin, for whatever that's worth), but otherwise my skin seems to have entered a healing phase of some sort. Here's where my regimen stands right now: Morning: Murad 1.5% SA cleanser 25-30 minutes under Trophy Skin blue light Cetaphil 15spf lotion Fish oil with breakfast Evening: Fish oil with dinner Murad 1.5% SA cleanser 25-30 minutes under Trophy Skin blue light Ple
  12. Saw my physician today, and she advised me to go back to seeing a dermatologist. Appointment in three weeks...not very optimistic that she'll be able to help me either, but we'll see...we'll see.
  13. Did you mean to post this to someone else named "IMHO"?
  14. Ok, I'm continuing with my most recent regimen, and although I'm still struggling with picking/touching my face, I've only had one new large blemish/cyst since I quit using the topicals. I'm also taking the dive and purchasing a Burt's Bee's tea tree oil stick today. Fingers crossed!
  15. Well, it's both oily and dry. However, I've stopped using the 2.5% BP because it has only seemed to exacerbate the flakiness (and blemishes) on my skin. Here is my current regimen: Morning: Murad 1.5% SA cleanser 20-30 mins under Trophy Skin blue light Cetaphil 15spf lotion During day: Try not to touch/pick face at all Fish oil capsules with breakfast and dinner Night: Murad 1.5% SA cleanser 20-30 mins under Trophy Skin blue light I know it seems like I'm not doing much, but every topical