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  1. I don't care what anyone says is or isn't true: coffee WRECKS my face! I am at the point where I don't even want to drink it because of the horrible cysts around my mouth and chin that I get in the few days after I've had any kind of coffee. I always thought it was the milk or non dairy (soy) creamer I used, so I started drinking it black, and things just got worse. I like coffee, but it's not worth the agony. I don't know if I'm allergic to it or it's the caffeine, but I can drink Coke all da
  2. I don't know if anyone's ever posted these links or not, but I figured out that a lot of the problems I had with cystic acne on my cheeks were due to certain makeup/skin care product ingredients. If anyone has already posted this, it might be helpful to see it again, anyway! It seemed that cutting out makeup and switching to a natural papaya soap didn't make my small acne or cysts around chin and mouth (hormonal, most likely) go away, but my cheeks (the WORST area) cleared up fast around the sam
  3. madelinee - I would suggest finding something that works topically on your mild acne, but also try to eat healthily and get some movement in during the day. Niacin may or may not help, as I've had it make a difference in my cystic acne but I'm not sure about milder acne. You could try it, just don't take a huge (over 500 mg) dose. Make sure you take a B-complex too, because they all work together to make a difference. jamie baltimore - I never noticed any side effects, but I'm not a doctor. My
  4. I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm going to give everyone an updated regimen! The Niacin Treatment: 1 x 500 mg Niacin after a meal, preferably at night because it made me sort of sleepy. 1 x Super B-Complex (to keep the Niacin balanced with the other B-vitamins) I went through two 60-capsule bottles of Niacin. That was 120 days of the Inositol Hexa. form of Niacin. It stopped my cystic acne. I get a "larger" pustule here and there if I'm stressed, but I haven't gotten that deep, aggressive fo
  5. Vitamin D3 seems to help the overall appearance of my skin in the winter. I don't eat a lot of dairy, and I'm blonde and somewhat fair. I tan quite well, but sun overload sometimes causes my skin to get worse. Anyway, I used to break out EVERY YEAR around december quite badly. Then it would heal up and then I'd break out again in the spring. Guess what? It was stress from finals! I didn't break out this year because I'm finally done with school and don't have to deal with that anymore. Random
  6. Dotty - I have been using a modified version of this for awhile now. I never had cystic acne until I went on a low carb diet (stupidly) to lose weight in high school. I didn't even need to lose weight, but I screwed up my skin in the process. I'm fairly certain that hormones from milk, meat, and soy cause me to break out. Most milk and meats have growth hormone, except organic, hormone and antibiotic free stuff which is expensive, and I still don't trust it. Nuts (except for cashews which I'm
  7. Wow, it's been awhile. For anyone who hasn't visited this thread in awhile, I have tweaked my regimen a bit. After taking Niacin daily for 60 days, I slowly started taking it every other day, then every 3 days, then once a week. Now I do not take it daily. My acne is still under control so long as I stay away from putting harsh soaps or cleansers on my face, and I stick to a healthy diet. I did have a mild/moderate break out after having to use hotel soap (don't ask haha) to take off my makeup.
  8. Just as an update to everyone, I experimented. I stopped taking Niacin after using it for almost 3 months. I've been off of it for 2 weeks now, and I haven't broken out yet. I have been using the Likas soap and a moisturizer with AHA that I mix with a few drops of castor oil. I have been sticking to my diet, still exercising, and taking a multivitamin only. I'm going to keep my Niacin in case I do get a break out or a cyst (it really seems to help skin conditions clear up much faster), but I see
  9. photophobic: no, I haven't tried any other papaya soaps. I'm sure they are all similar so it's probably a matter of preference! I do only use the soap for my face. I don't have body acne, and it lasts longer that way. MrHelper: Good luck! I'm glad my thread can help people.
  10. Hi, you look great! I do hope that it stays that way. Thanks for adding onto the thread. Helps the people that want to see change or whatever lol.

  11. jrm209: Yes, I'm still clear. Niacin still works for me. I don't stay 100% clear if I get lazy with my diet, but it's nothing like it used to be. I've been using the Niacin + Diet + Likas soap combo for over 2 months. Shum: I'm glad you're seeing results. I'm sorry about the price. I wish I knew of a place overseas that sold it. I get so many questions about that! anotherlisa: Good luck! I hope it works for you. I definitely tried EVERYTHING else, and nothing has worked this well. Gilmour56:
  12. stm1975: I have not tried B5 by itself. My B-Complex has a significant amount of it, though. There is also some in my multivitamin. mankhan: That's really interesting! I'm so glad it worked for you. It's helpful that you stuck with it and eventually saw great results, because I saw results from the start so it's really hard to tell someone to hang in there when you didn't really have to. I wish you the best! Hope it continues to work for you Update: I've started taking Niacin once every oth
  13. Oh, and just so everyone is aware, if you're taking the Spring Valley no-flush inositol hex. version of niacin, it's not really 500 mg of niacin. It's 400 mg of niacin (inositol hex.) and 100 mg of plain old inositol. I finally read the back, and that's what it says.
  14. I have really low blood pressure, and I usually don't notice any side effects from niacin. It does tend to make me a bit groggy/sleepy though, maybe due to the blood pressure lowering effect, but I just take it at night. I have cut back to only taking it every other day, but it seems to still have the same good effects on my acne.
  15. SMT12483: I apologize, I must not have seen your question last time I responded in this thread. My skin became smoother, in general. All the little "bumps" I had around my hairline and cheeks went away when I started using the Likas soap. My skin became even. I think I'm allergic to like, every other soap or cleanser on the planet. Dutchie1014: Good luck! I'm sure everyone in this thread knows how hard it is to be older and still breaking out. I sure do I hope Niacin helps you! Let me know how