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  1. Already planning my week around the blood work and derm appointments which means... almost one month out of the way! Damn, I remember in February when I kept telling myself "only 8 more months" and now... its only 5! The initial break out was... in a word... bad. However, my skin seems to have calmed down significantly the last few days. I've got the scars and pocks to prove its been taking me through hell, but my friends and family are already complementing me on how much better it looks than
  2. humarojo

    Dose 19

    Dose 19 down and its not good news. Definitely experiencing the initial breakout! It's not any worse than bad breakouts I've had in the past, but compared to the great results I was seeing the first few days of treatment I'm kind of bummed. Fortunately the zits seem to be going away really quickly and are just under the surface of the skin. Also the little white heads that have been sitting under the surface for months are now coming up. Lips are super dry- had to switch to Aquafor. Back is
  3. I've taken 8 or 9 doses now and the side effects are coming on strong. My lips are very dry and I've had to switch to Vaseline (much cheaper than aquaphor and definitely effective). My scalp is itchy and dry as well. My muscles are so sore! My ankles are killing me from standing on my feet at work all day and my back and shoulders are constantly aching. My skin has become so sensitive to the sun that I got a sunburn from running at 7 am on a foggy, rainy morning. Someone mentioned that I shoul
  4. humarojo

    Dose 6

    Took the 6th dose last night. Definitely starting to see the dryness coming on. My lips and eyes are dry and I'm getting a little bit of flaking around my mouth. The all natural chapstick I bought seems to be working well for now. Also, for the first time since before I hit puberty I was able to go for one day yesterday without washing my hair with shampoo. It was oily but not practically dripping with grease like usual. I am breaking out but no worse than usual. I have about 6 nodules right n
  5. my brother and i went through the same thing. he was on accutane 6 years ago, but was actually the scare factor for me in terms of why i didn't go on it sooner (he had the depression symptoms as well as intense joint pain). definitely try to persuade her though- i wish my brother had done that for me!
  6. humarojo

    3rd dose down

    Downed dose three last night. Not experiencing any severe symptoms yet. My skin look immaculate though!!!!!! pores are already drastically smaller, no blackheads!!! I was cleaning the bathroom at work yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at my face. I'd forgotten what it was like to have my makeup lay flat on my skin without accentuating all of the craters. I was going through a mini breakout when I started, but within a couple of hours after my second dose everything pushed its way to the su
  7. Last night I took my first dose of Claravis: 40mg. Lips are already a little dry, but not noticing any intense symptoms yet. I spoiled myself a little the last few days. Splurged on some cute hats and some long sleeved linen/cotton tunics to keep the sun away from my skin this summer; bought some really quality all natural face washes and moisturizers, some epsom salts and a mustard bath. Here's my little product list so far: Oatmeal/Rasberry Corrective Cleanser from Collective Wellbeing
  8. humarojo

    march 9th

    Caught a little cold and am not getting much sleep due to congestion. Its 6am here but I've been up since 4. I've got some studying to do for a mid term I have today and needed to get my Food Handler's certification online anyway- might as well get it out of the way this morning if I'm not going to sleep! Thought I'd write a little update on my accutane journey as well... Right now I'm experiencing a mild breakout. To others and to my doctor it might be coined "severe", but its not the worst
  9. Well, I've been pretty adament until now about doing everything I can holistically before I resort to Accutane; alas, nothing has worked. (Helped maybe, but not worked). My health has really improved overall since I've stopped taking so many supplements, moved out of the city, and started really intensely going to the gym. My acne is now coming in waves where it will break out really badly for a week or two and then almost heal completely for a week. I definitely see a correlation to both food
  10. The same story happened to me. I recommend that you stop taking Yaz immediately. The longer you take Yaz, the more severe a withdraw you will experience when you stop. If you breakout from quitting, then you can probably take accutane until everything levels out. My concern would be getting clear from the accutane treatment, and then quitting Yaz and having severe breakouts all over again.
  11. A lot of times acne is caused by an underlying problem. If you notice that food triggers breakouts for you, you may have a food allergy or a digestive track infection. You should test yourself for food allergies anyway.
  12. A lot of people in the holistic forums have suggested Niacin 500mg no flush? Does anyone know if that would be okay to take while you are experiencing rosacea-like symptoms? Also, Glutathione? I've heard that it doesn't absorb well when taken orally... so... how can I get it in gas mask form? Or does it absorb well? Someone help me clear this up so I don't end up wasting another 10 bucks. Finally- Iodine? Iodine supplements-usually in the form of kelp- have helped people in the past who have t
  13. can i have my account deactivated? how do you do this, really?
  14. Hey! Thankyou for your advice. I stopped going to the sauna and taking hot showers and I did notice an improvement! I read this book on Candida Albicans and am now convinced that yeast is probably one of the main culprits in my acne/cystitis/menstrual pain nightmares. That also explains why avoiding hot and moist places is really helping both of us. I've been taking a B Complex vitamin for a while and I find it as helpful as anything that's been prescribed by doctors. The book I read also sugges