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  1. Thanks to all for the responses. Some good points were made. I've scoured the web for information about generic vs brand-name accutane and it's a mixed bag. Some people say there's no difference and others (like me) say there is a difference. I just wish I could go on the Roche accutane for a couple months to see for myself if there really is a difference. I'm convinced that there is a diff. But, as was pointed out, just because I don't have all the negative side-effects, it doesn't mean
  2. I was on several courses of accutane in the '90s (brand-name accutance, of course, since that's all there was). I had the usual very dry lips, dry eyes, and initial acne flare-ups during the first couple months of use. Also triglycerides went very high and I had to back off the accutane dosage a bit. I was taking about 1.2 mg/kg/day. Since April 2009, I've been on Claravis. Same dosage as in the '90s --- a little over 1mg/kg/day. The only real side effect is dry lips. No acne flare-ups and bloo