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  1. So, I've been using Finacia for around 6 weeks now - twice a day. While, initially it worked great - I very nearly got completely clear! I started getting a nasty breakout in week 5 that appears to be worsening this week. I'm hoping that this is just an IB, but like I said, I am in week 6 of treatment. I was wondering whether anyone else had this problem at this stage in the regime? I'm going to give it a chance and give it until the end of month 3 before I consider changing to something else. I
  2. Hey, I've just been prescribed Financia and was wondering whether anyone knows whether Azelaic acid has any adverse effects on asian skin? I ask, because I read somewhere on this board (I think it was in the prescription info?) that it can have a different undesired effect on asian skin! I know that Azelaic acid can lighten your skintone, but I haven't been able to find anything else on the internet about it's effects for asian users. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I start back up in a few weeks. I'm not at all convinced my skin will recover in time. The thing is, there will never really be a 'good' time for my skin because its so unpredictable, so I figured that if I didn't go back to uni this year because of it, I'd never go back again because theres nothing to stop my acne from getting worse the year after. If I let my acne dictate my education and life choices, I wouldn't ever step foot out of my house. I also know that I'd regret pulling out because
  4. Thanks for the link, I actually saw a clip of this on TV. That guy is AMAZING. I have nothing but awe and respect for him.
  5. I think its time this thread got a resurrection because its made me laugh so much! Sooooo, to get the ball rolling... You know you've got acne, 1) When people mistake you for a pubescent thirteen year old. 2) When you can play dot to dot with your face and draw a decent picture. 3) When you still remember to take off your makeup after a night out, despite being blindingly drunk. 4) When your first commandment changes from 'Do not murder' into 'Do not touch your face'
  6. Hello again! I get my own room thankfully. Its pretty unusual to share rooms in uni in the UK. You tend to just get a tiny box room for a bedroom. I can imagine it must be hell for you guys to share rooms because you never have your own private space. Not to mention, you could end up with a bitch of a roomie who never cleans! No way could I put up with that. In the first year, I stayed in uni halls and my room was the same size as the utility room I have at home. Even, the bed was smaller th
  7. Hey! I'm really glad to hear you went to see your friends. I know how much courage that takes with bad skin. Did you have fun? What did you do? I know what you mean about compulsively checking your makeup/leaving to go to the bathroom...I've recently forced myself to stop doing that, or at least to the best of my ability. I just keep telling myself, yes, it's bad now. Soon it should be better. Looking in a mirror constantly won't take away the wait. I still cave and check sometimes - it's rea
  8. Aww I hate, hate, HATE getting lumps in weird spots like that - between the eyes, tip of the nose or chin, etc. Ugh. I feel your pain, and I hope it goes down quickly. I'm doing a little better today. My breakout from yesterday has started to heal up. It's still red and scabby, but has flattened so makeup is more effective today. I really hope I up my Accutane dosage this week - I'm seriously ready for some results. You know, I'd be okay getting the occasional spot or two, because that's totally
  9. I smell you on that one. None of that bp/retin a stuff did anything for me anyway. The diet approach can be a little difficult, mainly because there are only a handful of studies on the relationship between food and acne, but I've always thought it's the most rewarding method to clear one's acne. I recently cut out corn/grains, and focused mainly on fruits, veggies, and meat. I'm starting to see some improvement, but time will tell. lol yeah I always play evil theme music in my head during th
  10. Yeah I was maybe a little overly optimistic in hindsight, but there have been many people on here who have had amazing results from Accutane. Oh well, i'm trying the diet approach now. It can't hurt. Very true. Avoiding the mirror is a good strategy, I wish I had your willpower. I rarely go very long at all without looking at a mirror. lol at the Lost suggestion. I've never even seen an episode actually, but my friends love it. I'm sure I would too but I pretty much stick to my staples of:
  11. Thinking about genetics, my brother used to have moderately bad acne, but he cleared up completely by the age of 23, (so, I'm hoping the same applies to me!) However, he never went to the GP for his acne and just stuck to normal OTC products like clean and clear, which, suggests that my acne is more severe than his because I've been going to the doctors about acne since I was 15 years old... I've drawn an EVEN SHORTER straw on this one. Argh, I have become a perfectionist at having clean fi
  12. Errr are you aware that this is an acne board for acne sufferers?! Your topic title really wasn't well thought out was it? I suggest you google some other boards that are more appropriate for your level of intelligence, ie Cbeebies. Because you seriously lack any common sense.
  13. I feel your pain! I have had a similar situation to you when I woke up on a Monday morning to go to a lecture and found that I had a strip of redness right on the top of my fricking nose!! (because, its not obvious enough!) It turns out I had somehow managed to scrub off a bit of skin the night before, resulting in a raw, glowing red patch in its place. No amount of foundation/concealer covered it because my nose tends to get oily, meaning I'd end up wiping/sweating it off. Plus, it was SO sensi
  14. Lost for the win, i agree with anyone who gives recommendation to watch it, truly epic!!