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  1. Hi there Ac-M - thanks so much for the reply - I really do appreciate it!!!! What are Poly Cystic Ovaries? What causes it? What's the treatment and is it linked to any infertility? Sorry to hammer on the questions - It's just that I am an absolute child lover (in fact I'm a child psychologist!) - and if i had a condition that could cause complications with pregnancy i'd be devastated!!! Sorry to hear about your difficulty with your skin and that it's worse now - CONGRATS on the pregnancy thou
  2. fairy_miss


    Hi there, I'm new on the message board, and have been reading baout everyone else's stories - and thought I'd add my own in the hopes that someone may have some good ideas for me! (PLEASE!). I have had acne since I was around 13. I am now 26. I was put on the pill when I was 13... first Diane. And that didn't seem to do much - then I was switched to Marvelon, I was told this one had less hormones and would be better? It worked well for a few years - but then at around 18 the acne started to co