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  1. Think about it. Your dog gets out in the grass and then comes home with you and sleeps on your blanket or maybe on your pillow also. Or your dog is doing something that you consider to be really funny or chute and you start kissing it on his head. Acne can be caused by pets; few people know this but acne can be caused by home pets (cats, dogs or other home animals). How do I know this? Well I recently had moderate acne and I wanted to know what the cause of it was. I got to some dermatologists o
  2. So you would know a lot about this product right? Does it clear up acne scars and even out your skin tone? Cause I know almost everyone on Dan's regimen seems to suffer from hyperpigmentation during/after their acne calms down.
  3. That's pretty good to hear. I'm kind of tempted to ordering it now. How much did you pay for the kit? Please keep us updated! Seems like a lot of people are interested in Max Clarity.
  4. So I just saw the commercial a couple minutes ago. Supposedly this kit helps get rid of acne and PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) at the same time. Anyone tried this? It would be great if it worked since PIH and acne is a big problem that takes forever to get rid of and you usually have to get rid of your acne first before you treat your PIH.
  5. what a cute nickname! ^_^ and avatar.

  6. when your life sucks cause of acne Oh and when you don't want to celebrate your birthday, because that means a miserable year full of acne went by and another is on the way
  7. aloe vera mixed with jojoba oil. im gonna add tea tree oil in mine.
  8. I was wondering if any scientists and derms really care about acne. A lot people say things like it's not a big problem, but don't realize how much acne brings people down. Is there a group of super genius scientists and dermatologists trying to find the root cause of acne and a cure that will work for everyone? If they can cure cancer acne shouldn't be that hard.. I'm not really smart and all so I don't really know what I'm talking about. Just a whole lot of pointless ranting. I wish someone
  9. Where did you get it from? Well good luck and keep us updated
  10. question... i have this acne scar from a month ago. i tried popping it (before i knew the harm it caused and educated myself on acne).. anyways.. it has left a dark scar around the area... so should i not be applying bp to the effected area since it slows the healing process.. i use fruit of the earth 100 aloe vera gel... but i dont use jojoba oil.. where did you get it from? and how much wasi t? Sorry I didn't realize people commented on this thread. I wish I never used BP in the first place.
  11. so does applying the powder on your face work better than ingesting it?
  12. So you have to be patient if you want to get rid of acne right? but how patient do you have to be? How long does it usually take for any type of anti acne remedy to start working? I know some are lucky and see results quickly with a certain type of treatment, but what about the people with worse acne? How long does it usually take for them to see improvement? 2 weeks, 2months, 6months. I wish something would make acne go away in less than three days or something!! Why does our body have to be so
  13. Yea I break out more when I eat a lot. When I eat like a burger for breakfast, and another one for dinner. I never really broke out. I drink a lot of soda too. I broke out more when I stayed at home more often. I ate a lot when I stayed home.
  14. """""Masturbation does increase acne. Sexual activity directly affects the release of hormones which causes inflammation in the skin(acne). Pretty much anything that causes your blood pressure/rate to rise helps worsen acne (exercising, stress, suger, caffeine, sex). The best way of counter acting these hormones in a sexually active person includes eating foods that are anti inflammatory which will help to reduce acne caused by hormones. Such foods include grinded flax seeds, garlic, salmon, ...
  15. Are you gonna be updating every single day? I think it's gonna take awhile to see dramatic results so soon, especially on the caveman regimen.