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  1. hey are your indent scars from accutane starting to go away because im in the same boat unfortunately. i thinned my skin out using other products before that way too much and little indents began to appear but yeah keep me updated

    1. did your scars heal from the benzoyl peroxide damage?

      1. Devin=0

        How to Reverse benzoyl peroxide (BP) Damage

        Hello when I read your post I was like wow I'm going through the same thing...a few months ago began using epiduo along with a lot of benzoyl peroxide. In just a couple of weeks my skin began to get very dry leading to even oilier skin. I never had any trouble with indented scars as well. But I noticed out of nowhere there were 2 indented scars on my cheeks. I immeditately started freaking out and stopped picking but unfortunately continued the epiduo. I finally got sick of it and stopped it all
      2. Devin=0

        June 16th, 3rd day on accutane

        hello everyone, my name is devin. im 16 years old, and turning 17 on the 25th. Ive had acne since i was 12. These past years have been a long struggle with acne, i cant really remember the last time ive felt comfortable in my own skin. Im always afraid of touching my skin, or anyone else touching my skin. Ive been on many topicals that have all just failed on me unfortunately. Recently i went on epiduo, which seemed to be going well for a little but eventually it was making my skin very dry and
      3. Devin=0