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  1. About a month ago my jaw/chin area broke out horribly in very large and painful cysts. Went to the doctor for an annual physical and found out I was deficient in Vitamin D. Not sure if it is just a coincidence but ever since I began supplementing 2000IU of Vitamin D daily I have not gotten a single cyst along my jaw. I would give it a try- can't hurt anything.
  2. last week i would have said moderately severe, but now the pimples that were there are just bumps...they aren't really inflamed anymore... hopefully i can say moderate this week
  3. Hey everyone, Went to the doc today and he prescribed me Generess Fe. Has anyone tried this BC? If so, how was it? Did it clear your acne, and what were the other side effects?
  4. YES! they itch, hurt, and are just a pain! Work was real fun today...i wish i could have wore a mask
  5. Mine starts about 1- 1 1/2 weeks before it comes.... and the breakout is always really bad :\ im expecting to start any second now (lol) and i have 5 huge ones on my face filled with pus thank god im going to the derm tomorrow to get these bad boys shot w/ cortisone! That'll teach em'!
  6. Thanks a lot... Guess ill just have to wait and see what is said!
  7. I finally have given in and gone to the dermatologist... I have been using Acanya gel and Clari-foam for about 2 months now, taking Bactrim (antibiotic) and receiving chemical peels every 2 weeks... I'm still breaking out. @ my next appt, im planning on talking to my Derm about a BC... I know she will probably know which is best but until then, id like to know what everyone else thinks... Which BC have all of you had the best luck with? I hear good things about Loestrin... Thanks!
  8. hi...I like summer too except for when youre trying to wear make up and it melts off in the sun. lol or when it stoo humid...I like California weather maybe I should just move there already :-)

    1. believe it or not...acne has made me more comfortable with myself.... I feel like i have learned a lot about myself and i have a lot more sympathy towards others and definitely try not to judge others!
    2. just discovered foster the people and LOVEEEE them! i also like Holy Ghost! for a good pick-me-up... -Adele -Lady GaGa -Muse ^ also some goood ones
    3. i love summer but... i HATE being outside when i'm broken out!
    4. I don't even know where to start with this response because when i first started getting acne and it was at its worse i felt the EXACT same way... There were literally days that i wouldn't go a second without thinking about my acne... eventually it would get me so upset i would get anxiety so bad over all of it. There were also many nights that i would cry myself to sleep over my acne...like you i couldnt understand why "I" deserved to be burdened with this. I missed an entire month of school
    5. Calvin Klein Euphoria! absolutely intoxicating!
    6. for me... it has to be anything by Zac Brown Band, John Mayer, or Lady Gaga...what a mix, huh?