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  1. hey, thanks for responding. i actually have not had too much dryness over my term. i have had extremely dry lips over the process but i'm used to it now. anyways we should start to get better soon, good luck
  2. hey, i'm on my 3rd month of accutane and still haven't seen much improvement. i still get new pimples everyday but they do go away faster. but i have noticed that all the pimples i get are ones that get inflammed that have been under the skin for a while. so i'm hoping that these breakouts are just caused by the accutane pushing everything out. anyways i just wanted to know when do you guys think i should begin to see improvement. i take 80 mg a day. thanks
  3. don't worry about man. i've also reached the 2 month mark with accutane and my face is still bad. we just have to be patient. it sometimes takes more time for different cases. and btw i dónt find your acne that bad at all. good luck
  4. hi, i'm new to this site and finally decided to post something. i'm a 19 year old male with severe cystic acne. i used to have mild acne in the past but its become severe in the past 6 months. i don't even see my friends anymore because i'm embarrased. i know its a shame but i just don't feel comfortable. anyway, after many antibiotics i finally chose accutane. my acne has been slightly reduced from the tetracycline and topical creams but not to the extent where i am happy. i just started accut