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  1. CiaoBellaKate

    Amazing drug.

    Amazing drug.

    I never give anything a perfect review, but oral isotretinoin has certainly come close to deserving one. I was on Accutane from February to November of 2014. In my 10+ years of battling acne trying and pretty much everything, nothing has been as effective and long-lasting at completely clearing my skin. Some unpleasant side effects but for me they were worth the sacrifice, particularly since acne has such a negative effect on me psychologically (I'm a skin picker). While the results
    - High UVA protection (PFA 26) and SPF 60 for outdoor use - Fast absorbing - Matt finish - Photostable, longer-lasting protection - Water-resistant - Helps protect the skin from UV-induced skin damage - Fragrance-free, PABA-free - Non-comedogenic - For all skin types - Some chemical filters Fantastic sunscreen for high UV days, such as summer and especially when at the beach. I have never broken out due to this lotion, which is lovely because most of
    - High facial protection - Ultra UVA (PPD 19) - Environmental protection - Formulated specially for oily and acne-prone skins - Fragrance free - Paraben free - Water resistant - UVA and UVB protection - The best anti-wrinkle product money can buy if used from a young age - No white cast - Non-greasy, dries matt - Some chemical filters This is a fantastic product to wear everyday under makeup and over moisturizer. Provides fantastic protecti
  2. I cannot recommend jojoba more highly in both its properties as a cleanser and moisturiser. Yes, it can give a bit of a sheen to the skin but to counteract this I recommend applying it to a wet face rather than a dry one. This helps it to permeate much better and not just sit on the surface. Also use a moisturiser with it on top as this gives better results.
    - Removes blackheads, pustules, papules fast - Diminishes the appearance of scars very effectively - Promotes skin cell growth and therefore healing - Initial breakouts as skin gets used to product - Possible redness, dryness, irritation, burning sensation (which is why applying a very small amount when beginning treatment is so important) I gave this product a bad review about a year ago, when I used it on and off and saw that it was doing nothing but irritating my skin. &#
  3. Thanks darl, I'll give that one a try. I know, it's so strange. I'm not used to the cold, what with living in such a temperate climate over here. It's getting so bad that I'm probably going to have to go back on antibiotics, they seem to be the only thing that work when I have the really intense bi-yearly breakout. But some product changes will probably do some good, too.
  4. It's freezing right now (not even winter yet, wth) and my skin seems to have quickly gone from mild, manageable acne to pretty moderate breakouts all over my lower face. I don't have much flaking, but my skin is obviously a bit dry, maybe even dehydrated. I use jojoba oil to cleanse and then moisturize with Cetaphil Moisturising Cream - which worked wonders until now. I have no idea what caused this change. My skin hasn't been this bad for years. What can I do? This seems to be one of the cold
  5. CiaoBellaKate

    â–  Non-greasy formula, non-comedogenic, absorbs well, leaves no shine â–  UVA/UVB protection â–  Cute yellow packaging â–  Frangrance free â–  Moisturizing enough to use in winter â–  A tad pricey, especially for only 50mL which won't last half of summer â–  Chemical sunscreen - I prefer physical blockers like zinc oxide as opposed to chemical ones â–  When applying to my neck, it drags a bit due to the consistency of the product I've been testing a lot of sunscree
  6. CiaoBellaKate

    - Cheap! - I find it works better than Benzoyl Peroxide - Disinfects hair follice - Enables blemishes to come to a head and thus be extracted easily - Kills zits fast - Hurts a bit if applied to an open lesion I decided to try this after reading some positive reviews about it. Benzoyl Peroxide had begun giving me large painful papules and I needed a substitute. Home remedies recommeneded on this site have worked in the past so I thought why not. It penetrates the pore mu
  7. CiaoBellaKate

    - Cheap! - Draws out impurities. - Contains Kaolin and Bentonite clay, Zinc and Sulfur which are great acne-fighting ingredients. - Product not tested on our furry friends :) - Initially the smell got to me. But now I kinda like the minty scent. - Not available in Australia, so I had to order it online. We use home-made clay masks with similar ingredients at beauty school, so it was great to find a packaged product so similar. Really helps draw out impurities. I also use
  8. CiaoBellaKate

    - Website offers a free sample (one month's worth of product!) - Really fast results - Decreases sebum production dramatically - After less than a week I was zit-free - Large pills - Must take 8 per day to start off with. (You'll feel like you're on a huge course of antibiotics.) - Not cheap, especially if you plan on using it long-term, although much cheaper than most products that offer the same results. I usually don't review acne products until over a month of contin
    - Baby smooth skin! - Contains salicylic acid - Removes flakiness like nothing I've ever used - Seems to control oil and help existing breakouts to disappear - Helps moisturizer to penetrate better None, except as a beauty therapy student we tend to avoid using granular exfoliants on anyone with acne lesions, so therefore I would only use this if you have light acne. The best facial scrub I have ever come across. I've used this stuff for over 10 years and I will never stop lo
  9. Salt and water? Yeah, that'll work. What a f-cking moron. I hate it when people recommend stupid remedies. They actually think they're being helpful. The amount of times I've just wanted to rip my face off because of the emotional and physical pain of having acne. I've never honestly had anything memorably cruel or rude said to my face about my acne. I mean, I've overheard people talking about my looks of course, who hasn't? One time in class this girl sitting behind me was talking to a boy and
  10. CiaoBellaKate

    - Inexpensive - No prescription needed - 2.5% is just as effective as 5% and 10%, just with less sensitivity - Keratolytic, anti-bacterial - Diminishes size and redness of breakouts considerably overnight - Initial use of the drug causes irritation and peeling, although skin eventually develops a tolerance after a week or more - Powerful bleaching agent. Watch that it doesn't get on your clothes This is THE zit-killer. I keep a tube of this handy at all times. It's the p
  11. I love the whole Cleanance range, especially the Soap-Free Cleanser. I cleanse twice daily with the cleanser, then apply the Anti-Shine Moisturizer in the morning and use Cleanance K at night. I've been on this regimen since May and it's honestly the best regimen I've ever used (and I've tried almost everything). I personally consider Cleanance K more of an exfoliator than a moisturizer, although it does moisturize well. Sometimes I find it a bit irritating and painful, especially if I apply if