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  1. Hey, I need a new moisturizer, and I'm trying to choose between cetaphil, and aveeno ultra calming. Now I'm wondering about aloe vera gel. Basically, I need something that I can use as an overnight moisturizer because I've started a new regimen that's been drying out my skin. I just need something that won't clog my pores and make me break out. Has anyone here used aloe vera gel? What has your experience been? Also, cetaphil or aveeno? Thanks so much!
  2. People probably weren't responding because you didn't say what you were looking for in you initial post.
  3. I have the same issue, and it drives me crazy. I wish I could help. All I can say is that natural light can sometimes reveal more than unnatural light.
  4. Lmao that's funny. Yeah, I've been reading your log, and the side effects don't sound that bad. However, the losing hair thing sounds like it would be a nightmare for me. I'm sort of getting over it, but I have an irrational fear of losing/damaging my hair. So far, neither my regular doctor or dermatologist has recommended Accutane. I guess I'll just keep trying stuff and asking my derm.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm just being a baby because I have a fear of the dermatologist. I'm also terrified of going on Accutane. I'm just gonna keep trying, visit the derm, and keep my head up. I've been enjoying your posts around the site, you're so funny and optimistic.
  6. Your acne sounds similar to mine...I was deeply depressed about my acne a week ago...I tried tea tree oil on my face and broke out badly. A few days later, I started applying apple cider vinegar to my face and taking it internally. In about five days, my acne has cleared up sooo signficantly I am amazed. Yes, I still have some of the zits that were there, but many of the small ones have already dissapeared, and I haven't had a new breakout on my cheeks since. I would highly reccomend at leas
  7. Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this because I have both cysts and small papules, but my skin doesn't look like the pictures in the severe acne section. Anyway, I've been having major humidity problems. I put on medicine and wash my face twice a day, but I think the humidity is still making my skin worse in spite of this. I live in Michigan, and it gets pretty humid here. We have air conditioning, but I swear I still feel humidity on my face. This is so frustrating, I want to cry. It doesn'
  8. Thanks for posting! I've been considering buying this. Do you have sensitive skin?
  9. Thanks for the advice. Honestly, I'd like to stop using bp. I've been using it for about 5 years and I honestly don't think it's right for me. Thanks, though. I checked out the link for dealing with cysts.
  10. Hi, sorry if this has already been discussed. I've been using Derma e Very Clear acne treatment products, and I was wondering if anyone else has used it. Specifically: Derma e Very Clear Problem Skin Cleanser and Spot Blemish Treatment If you have used it, please share your experiences. Thanks!
  11. Wait, why? I'm just curious. It wasn't your posts. The person who replied to your thread was talking about using prescription medications without having a prescription (along with providing links for purchasing the medication) - this is violates our board rules. I do have a question about your regimen. Are you only using the 2% BP to spot treat or are you using it all over, on a daily basis? BP doesn't work very well as a spot treatment, its actually much better at preventing acne
  12. Wow, that's impressive. How long exactly did you take the pills before your skin looked like that? I know I have to go to a dermatologist, but I absolutely hate it. I go in, and like three interns MY AGE come and analyze me and then the doctor with perfect skin comes in and analyzes me again. I just feel like a piece of meat and then I have to face everyone outside. Every time I've gone I've come out feeling terrible, and then nothing they prescribe even works. Sorry to bitch like this
  13. Hi, haven't posted in a while. Basically, I've just been feeling like nothing's working for me, and I feel totally hopeless. Right now, I have about 4 or 5 relatively painful cysts on my chin (they aren't huge, though), a few small papules on my temples and on my left cheek. I also have barely noticeable (but of course, I notice them) papules on my right cheek, but they aren't red or pink or anything. I have this huge, slightly painful pustule on the right side of the bridge of my nose, a
  14. Stuff like that bothers me too. Like, they get the writer with the best skin and then act like she represents all women. I also find it depressing that a woman who looks like that still feels that she needs to wear makeup to look beautiful. Body image issues are so pervasive, it's ridiculous.