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  1. It will likely make your acne worst at first.... many who use Retin A get an "initial breakout" and the acne gets worse before it gets better. That happened to me
  2. Good luck Demi, I really hope this works better than RAM. Please come back to keep us (me LOL) updated!!
  3. Ugh, that sucks!! I heard it takes longer than that, the website probably lies to us so we keep buying RAM. Alot of people say 3-4 months. I am on month 4, definitely improved but still breaking out.... it's so annoying!! Is Benzaclin a cream as well? Maybe I should try that too LOL.
  4. Come back and let us know how it goes!! GOOD LUCK
  5. Oh I see.... I don't want to be on the doxy anymore, hopefully it helped me thru the IB and now I am just on RAM and taking Niacin.... My skin is pretty good until my monthly cycle, then some new cysts come.... I really hope my hormones level out soon, and the RAM helps clear my red marks.... so many old red marks all over, GRRR.... Have a good weekend with Demi!!
  6. Glad your skin is getting a bit better!! Question, are you on any antibiotics as well as the Retin A? I was on doxy for 3 months, I just stopped.... I'm so scared to stop!! I hope the RAM is enough
  7. Also wanted to add that in the pics, your acne looks to be in one main area.... So it may cost alot less than you think, the price on most websites is to treat your ENTIRE face. You only need to be treated where the acne is. So go for a consultation and get a price quote in person!!
  8. I guess Niacin has been helping for me, but I still get hormonal breakouts.... I think it's improved my skin it's hard to say since I am still using RAM....
  9. That's so funny, that's when I stopped the BCP after 10 years too and my acne started in July as well!! I thought I was reading my own story for a minute LOL!! Except I don't think my hormones have naturally balanced out yet.... does it just happen on it's own? You didn't go see a derm or anything for help?
  10. Wow! That looks really unique. Has it worked well for you? I just read your post about Isolaz. It sounds like it takes a little bit of time, but in the end it seems to work well. I found a place here in Orlando that does Isolaz treatment at 6 treatments for $1,200. Yikes. Maybe they have a student discount... It really works well.... if you look on their website and see some of their media stuff (they have been on many TV shows, featured in newsmagazines, etc) and it is the l
  11. What about Isolaz laser? www.isolaz.com this is different from other lasers as it includes a vaccum suction that pulls out all the gunk.... I've had 6 treatments so far
  12. Have you tried Niacin? It's working for alot of people on this board...
  13. I've never heard of this product...can you tell us a little more about it and where do you buy it?
  14. Baby Demi is SOOOO cute I want to cuddle her!! I started RAM in August, and now that fall is here my skin is really suffering. I guess over the summer I was oily, now this dry cold weather is making my chin area bright red and peely, it didn't do that before. It sucks, I'm moisturizing but it's still dry. I am doing better too, but I've realized when my worst breakouts are - during my ovulation cycle, I always get a cyst or two. I am still not completely clear. I won't consider myself clear unt
  15. Awww glad to hear things are looking up Demi. Me too, I'm almost at the 3 month mark. Haven't had a new cyst in 2 weeks or so, but not sure if that's RAM or Niacin. I started Niacin 2 weeks ago, so it could be that improving my skin as well.