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  1. Hello, Sorry to hear about your acne problem! I would definitely recommend going to see a Dermatologist! They know what their doing. I had acne for about 4 years and I tried EVERYTHING! I booked an appointment through my GP with a dermatologist and he put me on Accutane. At first I was very nervous about going on it, but it worked wonders I have been clear now for almost a year! There were very few side affects and nothing too bad. So if you do go and see a Dermatologist I would highly reco
  2. Hi ChiGirl143! I'm starting Accutane next week and i'm really worried about the side affects etc. I've bought loads of creams and that to deal with the dryness and chapped lips but have you got any tips on how to prepare myself for Accutane? And is the side affects your getting really bad or are they manageable? Good luck on your course and i hope you get good results! Thanks Josh
  3. Hi LoveGoddess I know how you feel i'm exactly the same, i can't go swimming because i have spots all on my back and chest and it's really got to me. I don't even feel right in public! I'm starting Accutane next week!! Not as high of a doseage as you are taking though. I'm so hoping it will work Good Luck on your course and just remember not to give up!!