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  1. Yea I don't have much dairy intake, in fact it's only in the morning when I eat cereal. As for sugars, I really don't eat a lot of sweet stuff. I stopped drinking pop over 2 years ago and I really don't eat a lot of candy or other crap. Anyway, it's starting to calm down, got a zit right in between my eyebrows which in my opinion is the worst place, and on my nose but everywhere else seems to be healing OK, I hope it's back to clear soon. My parents are recommending me to a dermatologist (n
  2. I've been clear for about 3 weeks officially, met my girlfriend the first week of being clear, and have been a lot happier. History: I'm 17 years old, 18 in September, fresh out of high school, taking summer classes at a community college. I had moderate acne for about 4 and a half years and after graduation I found the regimen. I started it the day after graduation in a search to clear up and it took about 2 and a half weeks or so to clear up, it's been going great until about 4-5 days ago (
  3. I've been on this for about 3 months now, I take it twice a day morning and night and up until about 4 days ago I was doing fine, then I broke out and I'm trying to recover from it. Regimen: Neutrogena- Extra Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena- On the spot- full dosage Moisturizer - Olay Complete Taking a multivitamin and the Cephalexin along with it.