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  1. This might be true, i had horrible cystic acne in july last year.. Thats when i got my blood tested for hormonal imbalance and vitamin defficiencies. It turned out that i was dangerously vit D defficient and was prescribed to take 30 micro gram for a few months (5 months). Now i just take 10 micro gram. My acne is gone. I just get those cute little white pimples which goes away without any infection and without leaving a scar (if you know what kind of spot im talking about). SO yes i can con
  2. lol.. im sure ur skin doesnt look like that .. which percentage are you using of TCA? Let us know how it goes! Good luck
  3. Yea i agree with you... i do one hour of cardio twice a week and i can feel that my red marks have lessened since i started dong it.
  4. Wow.. your skin looooks really reallly good now!! Did you have a 3rd treatment done? I'm thinking of getting IPL done.. have some red acne marks, getting married in march and want a clearer skin by then Did you breakout after the treatment?
  5. i had similar red marks on my cheeks.. but in a smaller area. I also used ACV in the begining. Now i use Hydroquinone 4% just on the pigmented area after every two days. I also use asprin paste on the red areas (works great, mix two asprin tablets in water drops to make a paste and apply on red area or any active acne ). Plus i take 1000 mg Vitamin C dissolved in water everyday after dinner, Its great as vit C helps to build collagen an improves skin.
  6. Awesome!!! Mine are kinda fresh too, about 2-3 months old.. And they are not very dark anymore, been using lots of stuff on them... I wont need more sessions of anything to get rid of them i guess. Are you satisfied with IPL? Does it cause more breakouts or more pigmentation (means does it make ur skin more worse)? No healing time i suppose in it, right?
  7. ohhh.. i was relying on it :( What would work for the red marks then? I'm getting married in march and need to do something for the pigmentation..
  8. Hey!! I came across IPL treatment for hyperpigmentation (http://www.ellipseklinikken.no/docs/Before_and_after_Ellipse_flex.pdf). Its sounds very promising, also the good thing being that theres no healing time needed as with peels and lasers. I'm thinking of getting it done. Has anybody tried it??
  9. Thanks for the reply! I only use HQ for the red spots, dont slather it all over my face. Yes i'm taking 1000 mg C and 50mg Zinc. There is another treatment Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL), thinking of getting this done. Lets see.
  10. I too would like to know whats best for red marks, microdermabrasion or peels? So confused what to do
  11. Great progress acne jean!! too good i wud say. I'm done with acne.. just dealing with red marks now. Which peel or treatment is the best to speed up the healing process. Right now i'm just using hydroquinone 4% and asprin mask every other day, this has improved the red marks greatly. I'm getting married in march and need a quick fix
  12. i have red marks and some very un-noticeable indented scars, i too want to do some peel or laser or whatever to make my skin smooth. Really want to know how this peel went on you! Hope it works
  13. I've been prescribed Tretinoin .05% yesterday.. Did you see improvement in these two months of using it ? I dont have any acne now (using it for red marks and scars), do u think it will still give me an initial breakout?
  14. Ur skin looks amazing compared to what it was before!!!! I can imagne how happy u would be right now!!!! Can u suggest me something... i have a few red marks on my cheeks and a few pitted scars (not very deep), what would u suggest me in that case. Peels? Laser? Just give me a direction and i'll look into that I'm getting married in march and want to have a better skin. Wish u a happy new year!!!!
  15. Ice them.. and apply zinc mask (crush zinc tablet, mix with water make a paste and apply on them)