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  1. He said "the better their skin is". A few seconds earlier he said his skin felt "darn good" which is kind of like "really good", maybe you misheard that part?
  2. Hi thegak I always felt and looked oily/greasy if I mixed in the jojoba with lotion. I never tried to mix it with the AHA, but what truly helped to control my flakiness was to apply the jojoba oil (6 drops) immediately after washing my face, while still damp. Then BP, then lotion. The jojoba oil is a carrier oil which means it helps to draw other ingredients into your skin, ie. the BP, AHA. Also, I did the "jojoba oil massage" with a damp face and a LOT of jojoba oil (way more than 8 drops), a
  3. Hi May I use and love the CeraVe lotion, but I've never broken out from it. I did fix the flakiness with jojoba oil though. Have you tried it? The Regimen has you mixing it with your moisturizer then applying it, but that has always left me looking and feeling greasy. I use the recommended 6 drops of jojoba oil immediately after washing my face, while it's still a little damp. Then wait 15 min, BP, then wait 15 min, lotion. It really helped to curb the flakiness, and will allow you to use less
  4. I didn't like the jojoba oil mixed with my moisturizer because it made my skin look and feel greasy, but I love to use 6 drops on my face immediately after washing or taking a shower. The dampness left over on your skin will be drawn into your skin and because it's a carrier oil, it will help your moisturizer absorb more readily into your skin as well. I had really bad peeling and flaking for the first 3 weeks on the regimen (even while mixing the jojoba oil into the moisturizer) until I did the
  5. I agree with Wynne --- it worked for me! But I did use a washcloth to gently "buff" off the flakes. Then washed my face, applied a thin layer of jojoba oil immediately after washing my face. Then regimen as usual. I've found applying a thin layer of jojoba oil directly after washing my face instead of mixing it in with my lotion left my face feeling moist but not greasy. I think the jojoba (which is a carrier oil) may help to draw the moisture from the dampness after washing into your skin. A co
  6. Whoa. Those photoshopped eyes are creepy! The little bumps under your eyes may be milia, clogged pores around the eyes. I also have comedomes, which are clogged pores but no "heads", mostly on my forehead and on my cheeks. I think adding jojoba oil and AHA might help as it did for me. Good luck!
  7. I've read on the net that BP can sometimes darken your skin, esp if you have med - dark skin. Also, if you are in the sun a lot, your skin is more prone to get burned. If you aren't already, I would suggest using sunblock with a high SPF (I love Neutrogena's Pure & Free® Baby Sunblock Lotion SPF 60) to keep the sun from irritating your skin. Good luck! :angel
  8. I have very oily skin and it actually seems to balance the moisture in my skin. Instead of mixing it in with your moisturizer, which left my skin looking super greasy, try applying a thin layer of jojoba oil (about 6 drops) over your face immediately after washing your face. I've been doing this and my face always looks and feels moist, not greasy. Follow the rest of the regimen as usual. It really helped when I was extremely flaky, the first few weeks of the regimen.
  9. When I stop completely, I break out. But I don't need to use as much as I did when I started the regimen. I followed exactly until I cleared up (about 3 months, for my mild to moderate acne), now I only need 1 and 1/2 fingers of BP once a day to maintain, along with the usual cleansing/moisturizing routine, and AHA as my moisturizer every night.
  10. Very cool! How awesome for your husband!
  11. Sounds like a bit of purging to me. For a couple of weeks, as your skin adjusts to the AHA, some people break out more as it exfoliates your skin, bringing those deep unformed blemishes to the surface. Maybe you need to reduce the amount or frequency of the AHA until your skin adjusts? I have been using the AHA for about a year and it is amazing! My skin is smoother and softer and my dry flaky patches are much reduced. I think you should give it a chance if you can. Good luck!
  12. I like to use the jojoba oil immediately after washing my face. I use about 6 drops and it absorbs very quickly, then wait 10 - 15 min, add the BP, wait, then the moisturizer. It keeps my skin flake free and moist, but not greasy, as when I tried to mix it with the moisturizer!
  13. I did the full regimen until I cleared up, and for the last year have been maintaining with 1 1/2 fingers of BP (in the day), and it's working well.