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  1. Hey, how long were you on retin-a? My derm told me to try for shallow scars, did you have any? Your skin looks awesome!!! That really persuaded me to stick with it bc right now my face is a total reck!!! AHHH! I really wouldn't use retin-a, try something over-the-counter natural fade cream that has no hydroqui-something, or I would try aha
  2. lately its kinda better still pinkish and painful don't know why I have pain though its like a soreness that come and goes for days at a time my acnes at least pretty good I guess i'll post again in a couple years maybe then I'll be back to a whitey who knows.
  3. when you see the derm ask for tetracycline b/c body acnes so hard to treat with topicals I haven't had any side-effects with antibiotics except mild doo doo b/c you kill gut flora so eat yogurt and you should be fine.
  4. no not really b/c it's a mild case you should discontinue for sure and use all-natural.
  5. there is post redness from using visine it went away in a couple days almost worse than before I used visine but the post redness fades to its original color. Again visine is the only thing that worked. gonna try laser soon I'll see what the test patch does. CAUTION just use it before a picture or like once or twice to try but don't use it for any longer than that.
  6. somebody tell me why the only thing thats working is fucking eyedrops, so Tetrahydrozoline HCl 0.05% is working
  7. use a andis beard trimmer, fuck the laser also, get off the retin-a its bad shit... BP and vanicream or aloe. burts bees or all natural would be even better even less harmful to skin. dans regimen is the BEST. fuck the rest.
  8. Im not using visine anymore kinda scared it may mess it up worse, hasn't yet, but yes its the only thing that had any effect, retin-a was a mistake its been 9 months now and still have pink skin. slight improvement but may take many years at this rate. I'm sticking to vanicream and aloe, and yes I might just test patch ipl to see if its safe for my sensitive messed up tone.
  9. test patch an ipl laser. sounds like chemical warfare-not gonna be good. good derm would give you like 1 prescription, and test patch it for like a month these chemicals are prescription for a reason.
  10. visine fixed my erythema but it goes back halfway through the day. weird visine works but not any other facial redness relief product that I have tried ex. aloe,lavender,salvia,eucerin,aveeno,and vanicream NOTHING. Must be vessels enlarged visine shrinks em. post retin-a redness for me. I might try IPL laser what do you think.
  11. I got it to calm down using visine weird I noticed a big white tear all the way down my cheek after using visine so put some all over and looks great, research that.
  12. that nothing! ok but put drops of visine on the redness and rub it in if you think there is any see what happens Ive done this it works. try visine on a zit!
  13. i've got something very similar just pinkness and the medical term is eczema, a broad range of skin irritations! but whatever you got looks very mild
  14. dr fulton you created shit!!!! I encourage everyone not to use this as I have had irritation for months now!!! I dont know what happened but my face feels like shit and retin a had to have been why its the only place bothering me and its the only place I applied it damn you dr fulton!