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  1. um i don't get how this is harsh? no specific names were mentioned..and secondly no one is "making fun" of the people who posted the pics...but obviously it is common sense that one will feel better about their situation when comparing it to people who don't have it as good. works for me...just trying to help others...geez
  2. One thing that always works when I was fretting/crying over a breakout was looking at pictures of people with acne worse than mine. YES THEY EXIST. Just go to the gallery on this site and scroll through the pictures. Immediately, you feel better because you realize that there are people who have a lottttt worse and you have no right to be so depressed. It can always be worse. Try it and let me know if it works for you guys as well.
  3. i'm clear right now...and i won't lie... IT IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT FEELING IN THE WORLD.....i feel unstoppable, gorgeous and so thankful. the best part is i can actually make plans in advance...because i don't have to worry about my skin! before i knew if i made plans in advance i may have cancelled them due to a breakout... the only feeling that remains is fear that it may be temporary. every night i bless my skin, pray and hope i see my clear skin again tomorrow. everybody deserv
  4. this is exactly my story...ive been with my boy for four years and i still used to freak out if i ever had a cyst when i knew i would see him...i would always (try to) hide that side of my face with the zit....back in 2006....this one day i had two zits on my forehead ...and he had to take me to the airport...it was unavoidable for me to not see him...anyway i made sure everything else about me looked amazing...i did my hair perfectly...wore gorgeous eyeshadow, lipstick and pretty clothes....whe
  5. i dont even let my boyfriend of four years touch my face (other than my lips) ...but i hate if he even tries to kiss my cheeks...i recoil...
  6. Has anyone else read this book? I can't put it down...causes...reasons....recipes...meal plans...chapter summaries...glossary SO MUCH GOOD INFO! Everything makes perfect sense and I truly believe every word.... Most people believe acne is genetic. My brother who has my genes eats very well and works out...which I do neither of (other than not drinking soda)....he has always had clear skin. Anyone want to discuss this book?
  7. Hey! Where are you from? :)

  8. its the best feeling in the world...you never have to worry about missing events...never have to worry about putting on makeup...never have to worry about missing the beach....but at the same time you always get scared it might not last.... im clear right now and will do anything to keep it as such
  9. carmusen - i am wondering about this too..i've never seen anyone with acne in a corporate setting...are there any?
  10. Believe it or not septra started working for me after the first dose. I kid you not. Its been a week now and I am still completely clear. However, I have been feeling weak, slight headache and slight sore throat. No stomach pains or vomiting. No skin rashes or jaundice like symptoms. Does my condition sound like a side effect of septra or do you think I am just having the flu/common cold. Please help.....thank you!
  11. Sometimes the sales girls can actually be helpful...they gave me free samples for my skin when they saw me buying thermaclear there (which i totally recommend!)