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  1. hi...I read your idea of nutrition sounds interesting but why are nuts bad/ Just curious all the 'healh professionals" say nuts are good for you?


    1. sheepishjass

      So I went to the naturopath...

      TRY THE NO NUT DIET. It's based on traditional science revolving around heat producing vs. calming foods. Acne is thought to be caused by consuming too much heat producing foods. Allowed: rice meat, preferably BBQ/grilled/baked/steamed with no added cooking oils bread fruits, especially melons, cherries, and apples vegetables yogurt tea, especially green tea eggs a little butter home baked cookies and cakes, just watch the sugar + butter Pasta/spaghetti etc. NOT ALLOWED: Absolutely NO n
    2. sheepishjass

      acne free!

      ACNE DIARY I'm acne free. thanks to diane-35. don't worry about my skin as much. i still have discoloration from previous marks but it's alot better. Routine: Morning: In shower i wash my face with a tea-tree face wash (Desert Essence one) moisturizer: organic sweet almond oil. almay natural tinted moisturizer or dior hydrafluid if i want to look good night: if i have worn makeup/left the house wash my face with tea-tree face wash moisturize with sweet almond oil. Zinc: 50
    3. sheepishjass

      mineral makeup make you break out?

      i used to wear mineral makeup thinking it was good for me (the good kind with only 3 ingredients). BUT during the time that i would wear it i would notice alot of red pimples (no head) that would take forever to disappear. So i stopped wearing makeup for a while, and then switched to foundation (which i always assumed was bad for my skin). long story short, foundation with natural oils in it actually works for my skin...like almay natural. you might give that over powder a try. Why don't you try
    4. Hey, I'm the same age as you and have a similar problem. It doesn't matter how severe your acne is (it's really not that bad in your case)...it's obviously bothering you and controlling your life. My acne which was also not severe was really bothering me and upsetting me so I decided to go on BC. I'm still dealing with some hyperpigmentation marks and occasional white head but it's fine now. And guess what? When my skin isn't acting up I feel better -- but never 100% satisfied. SO I guess what I
    5. sheepishjass

      Clear skin, less oily skin, worry free skin...did I mention NO ACNE ~dries skin out a bit so use a good moisturizer (i use sweet almond oil at night after washing face) ~It's more expensive than other BC pills I needed an oral contraceptive and wanted one that would help me with my moderate acne. Yasmin, which is what I first went on, did nothing and broke me out in places on my face where I had not broken out before. When I switched to Diane-35 (that's what it's called in Canada) I didn't
    6. sheepishjass


      I don't no...i usually don't take them. if you're feeling hesitant...I can give you an update in about a week? I'm going to do it again tonight. If I have some crazy adverse reaction I'll let you know.
    7. sheepishjass


      Hi, I've been using this mask for TWO days. Please try...it doesn't hurt what you need: 2 tablespoons gram flour (chickpea flour -- find in healthy grocery stores/indian stores) 1 teaspoon turmeric powder add yogurt and honey to make a paste. Okay I've been using this mask for two nights. After the first night, I woke up and the inflammation of all my pimples (3) had SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED. The next night, the inflammation has DISAPPEARED. It usually takes me a few weeks for the redness to