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  1. OH. Lol.

    Yeah it's in the US.

    It's like in the MidEast O:

  2. but is it in the US? ive never heard of Illinois. ah thanks, i hope so. hope it works out for you too. :)

  3. Thank you for your comment. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  4. Oh I see, I'm sorry. You'll get clear, eventually.

    I've been struggling with it getting better, and then breaking out for the last three years or so. So hopefully I found what is working! and I live in a small town in Illinois. Called Lovington O:

  5. tried them all, for 3 months or longer. all the ones my derm would give me. seriously aha. i mean jalous that ur clearing :) so where is illinois?

  6. Jealous, why O: ?

    You could get an on an antibiotic, can't you?

  7. ahh i see! :]] what are you on at the moment then? cephalexin? as jealous as i am - it's nice to hear that =D x

  8. Sorry you're not doing to well on that front. D:

    I'm doing fairly well. C:

  9. I okay thanks, on the acne front - not okay paha what about you (: ?!m

  10. How's it goin' :D?

  11. Hallo there! (:

  12. bahhh i hate my dermotologist they are so unsympathetic all of them seem to have glowing skin so they'll never actually understand they barely communicate with you & i just feel like another number when i see mine never feel like they actually care they just write me a prescription and hardly talk.
  13. just read your post from 24 april, i just want to say i can really relate to this & as much as none of us believe this you're not alone with this hun.