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  1. vegangirl

    Vegetarian diet. Good or bad?

    The funny thing about the Weston A. Price foundation is that the diet they are pushing is not the results of what Weston A. Price actually researched. Price discovered that a diet free of processed foods and carefully selected local foods of indigenous groups of people supported good health. As soon as “Westernized” forms of processed foods were introduced, disease became more prevalent. Diets of these indigenous people ranged from meat-based to plant-based, depending on what was locally avai
  2. vegangirl

    Vegetarian diet. Good or bad?

    Ahhh….veggie-eaters vs. meat-eaters. A debate that has been going on for thousands of years. No matter what you eat, if you eat like crap it will probably catch up to you. I really think the choice of whether to eat meat should be a personal one. As long as you are eating whole foods, getting a good variety, and have good digestion, whether you eat meat or not, you should be able to thrive health-wise. The bottom line is that meat is not necessary. You can get all the vital nutrients from
  3. vegangirl

    waterr fasting for acne

    I'm not usually one to argue but if you can cure your acne through diet, why would you ever need to put prescription creams on your face? What if you have a food allergy or hypothyroidism? You cannot cure that with using a cream on your face. My humble suggestion is to go to another forum. Trolling is not very becoming. Good luck!
  4. 1) Age & Severity of Acne: I'm 27 now and clear but when I was 25 it was severe (debilitating) 2) Did Supplements: Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary Supplements, Homeopathic Treatments work for you? YES. I received help from a nutritional consultant and improved my digestion. Heel Detox drops work well. Ionic mineral supplements are good too. 3) Did Detoxes, Fasts, or Cleanses (parasite, candida, etc) work for you? Intermittent fasting is working well for me. I've never "fasted". Candida
  5. I've noticed a huge improvement with digestion since I started only eating 3 meals a day, no snacks. I usually get a 13-14 hour nightly fast everyday. With my work schedule, I find it hard to skip breakfast or dinner. I can eat large meals if I could take the time to eat slow and not work through almost every lunch. I usually get the full 16 hours on the weekends when I have more freedom to eat when I want to.
  6. vegangirl

    Kefir ok to eat?

    Hmmm, I thought you can get kefir grains with several strains of bacteria. I'm sure you can get more from a probiotic though.
  7. vegangirl

    Best and Easiest way to do colon cleanse??

    I have found that vitamin c (sodium ascorbate) works very well and works quickly. I took a couple tablespoons and that is all it took. Be sure to follow-up with a high-quality probiotic to stabilize your gut bacteria.
  8. vegangirl

    Kefir ok to eat?

    chunkylard - Probiotics are the easier route, but kefir (water or milk), can contain trillions of good bacteria if homemade properly (compared to a 200 billion probiotic supplement, which is crazy expensive to take daily). Plus, if you know how to culture it, it can last quite a while and if cheaper than pills. I did not have much success with water kefir so I stick with the pills, but I would like to make it if I didn't kill it everytime!
  9. vegangirl

    waterr fasting for acne

    It's not BS because I rebalanced my body without prescriptions and rid myself of severe acne. Acne is a symptom of an imbalance within your body. If you do not believe in natural methods, why are you in this forum?
  10. vegangirl

    waterr fasting for acne

    It’s cool that you are trying different ways to heal your acne. Be careful of how you feel during your fast. Many people with acne have it because they are not absorbing the proper vitamins and minerals. Fasting with only water will make this much worse and can make a person ill. The difference between fasting with water and fasting with juicing are two different animals. Fasting with only water should only be done by healthy individuals under supervision. I have read many stories about peopl
  11. vegangirl

    waterr fasting for acne

    Not eating food for 10 days and just drinking water I recently did a fast for 36 hours. Cleared me for the next week. I had maybe one or two TINY zits. Then everything came back... Wondering why? This is more of a shot in the dark, but it could be related to digestive issues. If you are basically shutting down your digestive system, you body can focus on clearing other parts of your body. If you have one of the following, fasting can be focusing your energy towards your secondary
  12. vegangirl

    Drinking boiled water

    Switching to warm/hot water has been very helpful for me, although I could be considered a 'cold-blooded' person. In ayurveda terms, I am very vata, For fiery pitta people, warm/hot water can make matters worse.
  13. vegangirl

    waterr fasting for acne

    Fasting can be very helpful if done properly, but can be detrimental to someone who is vitamin/mineral deficient. Juicing is a good alternative to fasting. You can still provide your body tons of nutrients while still giving your digestive system a ‘break’.
  14. If you have been diagnosed with a candida overgrowth, you should take care of that first before a liver cleanse. You need your colon clean and functioning before cleansing the secondary detox organs (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system). A simple colon flush can help balance a candida overgrowth. By flushing the majority of the waste in your colon and then doing a therapeutic level of probiotics can help balance the bacteria in your gut. You can do a flush using sodium ascorbate (vitamin c) and f
  15. vegangirl

    Peeling Lips - Sign of dehydration?

    Peeling lips can also be a sign of a vitamin B2 deficiency. Try to load up on foods that contain B vitamins and start a B vitamin complex supplement for a little while. Make sure that you take a supplement with majority of the B vitamins. You may also have stressed kidneys and your body isn't holding on to the water. Don't over-drink water because it can cause a flushing effect in the body. Stay away from caffeine and teas until you are better.