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  1. I find the new white one the most appealing. Its classy but at the same time playful.
  2. I still think Feiph's is the best. I dont know why, but it just looks so classy.
  3. I like design #5 and #3. Number three kinda looks like it jumps out at you, but not so much as to look gimmicky. Number 5 on the other hand looks very professional, while at the same time gives a kind of stand-outish appeal that doesnt seem to go too far. Personally, i think the subtler the better. Its like cetaphil, they dont make money off of marketing, they make money off of how amazing their product works. This is why i think that #3 and #5 are great. #1 looks quite dull, and not really the
  4. I have nuetrogena spf 15 moisturizer, and i was just wondering if this was an acceptable moisturizer to use along side the regimen. Has anyone tried it or know whether it is good or not?
  5. I have curel moisturizer (which i just bought) and i was just wondering whether this is a good moisturizer or not. Hopefully it is, but if not, what do you suggest i buy instead?
  6. Alright, i started this regimen a week ago. I put benzoyl peroxide on at night, 2.5%, and benzoyl peroxide in the morning. i wash my face in the morning and at night. I DONT use a moisturizer. Does the moisturizer really make a huge difference? If so, then that is my problem. Anyway, right now i am red, itchy, irritated, all those bad things. BUT, my skin IS getting clear, which is about the only plus at this point.
  7. basically, just make them dry. I use benzoyl peroxide, and they seem to go away quite fast. The problem is, they never seem to realy FULLY go away. Like they get to the size of a regular pimple, and u cant see the them. But they never really go away, which kinda sux.
  8. lol that happened to me twice recently acctually. theyre like not red, but they r just these huge bumps and its quite strange. they go away surpprisingly fast tho. Like the ones i got went away within a week.
  9. Wut kind of hair gel could i use and not expect to get acne? Thx for all the help.
  10. Yo, does any1 who any kind of gel that does not make you break out? im pretty sure thats the only reason i get acne. I put gel on, then sweat and (im just geussing) spreads and causes acne. Any1 kno wut kind of gel i could use?
  11. wut about acnefree? anyway, i used neutrogena advanced solutions and it worked quite decently, but it was just too harsh for my skin. hope this isnt the case with you. Also, i used about 3 times the amount they told me to use. Now im on Dan's Regimen and its working quite well.
  12. I dont think you should, because your skin becomes quite dry in like 2-3 weeks if you use a lot at night. U dont really need to spot treat during the day.
  13. Yea, same thing happens with me. Back in like 6/7th grade, i had mild acne. But then when i started getting more serious about my sports and working out about twice a week and practicing every day and sweating profusely, my acne started to get worse. This still happens because i havent found out a way to stop sweating (not sure its possible). And it doesnt help to do crew, since you run like 10 miles a day (beleev it or not, that produces sweat).