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  1. Hi everyone. Well I've been on the regimen for exactly 4 weeks now, and up until now I've been using Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with Jojoba oil but it hasn't been moisturizing enough for me. So today I decided to go out and but CeraVe moisturizing lotion because it had such great reviews. I did my normal routine at night; wash my face & wait 15 minutes, apply BP & wait 15 minutes, and then I tried applying Cerave with jojoba oil and it clumped up all the BP to the point where it wa
  2. well goodluck and just be patient

    1. yeah, i have light acne. i started the regimen yesterday and it seemed to make my acne worse but i guess i'm just gonna have to stick to it and hope for the best. D:

      1. yeah try it, i just wouldnt suggest tryin like accutane right now or anything that advanced yet due to your young age, but def look into the regimen on here and read about peoples success stories. but just dont quit on it after a week if you breakout bad cause thats what most meds do

        1. I was wondering the exact same thing! In the end, I decided to buy the Olay SPF moisturizer on Dan's list just to be safe. I bought the Jojoba oil too because of the whole flakiness thing I heard. If you decide on using it, let me know how it works, I might switch to it.(:
        2. Yeah, this sounds right. I was looking at the page containing the info on the AHA+ and on the bottom there's a video that explains how Dan uses it. There are two videos saying he uses it as a spot treatment or as a night time moisturizer. So you can use it in place of your moisturizer at night but I'm not sure about using it in place of BP. Hope this helps! Oh and just in case you want to see the videos, go to the AHA+ page by clicking the store link and clicking on the AHA+. Sorry, I can't p
        3. yeah, i'm working on the good diet thing haha. i just don't like having to use makeup a lot so i'm gonna try the regimen thing.

          1. well if your 15 i wouldnt really be too concerned just yet, especially for females your body matures alot faster than a males, but just try and have good hygene/diet, and let the rest play itself out

            1. hey John(:, i'm Stephanie obviously haha. But anyway, idk why but it's not letting me post pictures. yeah, i think age has a lot to do with it too cause i'm gonna be 15 soon, so i'm still in my teen years.

              1. hey whats up, im john. i was just lookin at your post and i would love to help you out but it would be more beneficial for you if you put pictures of your face, chest, or back up to give people an understanding of what kind of acne you got. also too, i personally believe your age has ALOT to do with acne. i am 19 years old and this was prob the worst year of breaking out i ever had. it took me

                1. Steph(:


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