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  1. My acne didn't get quite a bit better until after I was off accutane. It was so nice to have fairly clear skin for a few months! I have been done for over a year now, and my acne is even worse. I really need to do another course. Try to take as much as you can to avoid needing another round!
  2. I am interested in this as well. I have never had a chemical peel. I am eight months post-accutane. Still have some spots that need help!
  3. I took it while I was on accutane. It was fine for me.
  4. Any one have any info or recommendations regarding having LASIK surgery six months post accutane? Or do I need to wait longer? Has anyone on here had LASIK or ASA shortly after being on accutane?
  5. For those of you who have taken more than one course of accutane, how long did you wait to start the second course? My first course was June 2009-Nov 2009. My face continued to improve and was better after I finished. Recently, my face started breaking out. Also, both my face and hair are oilier. ARGH! I thought I'd have a long relief of acne from the accutane. My total dose was over 150 mg/kg. So, I had some sprio left, thought I'd try some. made it worse. I want to go back on accut
  6. mert1


    I just started reading these Spiro posts. I tried spiro for a few months before I started accutane last June and finished in November. I never thought of having an intial breakout from spiro. I finished my accutane course, and my face continued to improve...until recently. I had some spiro left from last year, so started taking it. My face is even worse now. I am using benzoyl peroxide and forcing myself to use oil-free moisterizer. I typically don't use moisterizer, but I was thinking - m
  7. ChopSaver rocks! Dr. Dan's Cortibalm was good too. Hands down - ChopSaver worked better for me. aquaphor/vaseline did nothing for me. Good luck - go get some ChopSaver! I prefer the orange over the green.
  8. I find that very odd that the derm's office told you max 40mg. Was that just something that the receptionist said and s/he didn't know what s/he was taking about? My sister is an ob/gyn physician....apparently you have to be a prescriber (the physician must register to even be able to prescribe accutane, and it costs to do this). Is your gyno even registered as a prescriber of accutane? I don't know if this is an ipledge thing or what the deal is.
  9. If you can tolerate it, I'd do as much as you can in four months. Weighing 90 lbs, I started at 40 and was up (80-90 highest - not many days at this level) depending on how the side effects were. Only did five months. I tried to push myself as high as I could go, but some days my lips just killed me. On your question about splitting the pills, what do they look like? I took amnesteen (sp?) and claravis(sp?) and i don't think i could split them because of the type of pill they were. Good l
  10. I've been off since around the same time as you, but I took it only for five months. My face/hair is much more oily now. the only side effect that I have left (and I had a lot of side effects!) is the dry lips. what is your post-accutane regimen, if any?
  11. are you kidding? I don't think this is the place to buy accutane.
  12. 93? Was it a low dose? I can't imagine taking accutane or still having to deal with acne at that age. Was the purpose for acne? I just took my first (and hopefully last) course last summer at age 35. heck - I felt like an 80 year old trying to get up from sitting on the floor. Go Grandma! She must have been strong to handle it.
  13. I think this is a little harsh. I'm four months post-accutane. I agree with Purple Penguin. I experienced a lot of side effects, and I attribute most of them to accutane. Some I don't think were from accutane. I was not a "baby". I was tough and stuck with it and continually increased my dose while the side effects continued to get worse. I definitely dont have flawless skin. But the tough five months were definitely worth the skin I have today.
  14. vaseline/aquaphor/KOM did nothing for me. The products that worked for me were: 1. ChopSaver (best), 2. dr. dan's cortibalm (good), 3 NeoStrata Lip Conditioner (ok). my derm's office now carries ChopSaver for her accutane patients. they all tried it and loved it. i still use it post accutane. just not nearly as much.
  15. my derm required me to take two preg blood tests after I finished accutane. still have side effects (if it's accutane that did it), but I'll take these side effects over cysts any day!