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  1. Amyxx

    ..... long time

    Wow how long has it been!!?? So, i stopped using the skin lamp as it really did not suit me, not that i dont think it would have worked but it just wasnt fitting into my life style etc.. I finally got reffered to Hammersmith hospital for NLite Lasers on the NHS... after paying all that money on private treatments i think i deserve a little help!! i have one every 3 months and i think thats enough! My daily routine is so simple now i love it! in the morning i was with dermalogicas ultra
  2. thanks for the photo comment :-) x

    1. Amyxx

      my skin..

      im going to put up photos of my skin at its worse, and progress so far!
    2. Thank you very much for the nice comment, i think acne is upsetting to deal with whatever you look like.. and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... i doubt anyone thinks acne is beautiful!! :-) good luck xx

      1. People like you, with nice features, should not worry about acne ;) .

        1. Thank you for my comment :-) i am new to this blogging stuff but its nice to know so many people can relate to my situation!! :-D

          1. Amyxx

            beauty skin lamp

            Hey Im just about to take the plunge n buy the beauty skin lamp.. i have had 4 Nlite laser treatments am have finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the old skin front!!! BUT i cant afford to keep paying 100+ every 6 weeks!! do you think the lamp would be good for me?? Also how are you getting on with it??