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PLEASE READ! helps get rid of acne faster seems to reduce the oilies gets rid of dark spots much faster than waiting! horrible if used improperly. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. when i had bad acne, i hated this stuff. i felt like i had no hope. when you have new inflammatory pimples popping up every night, this product is useless. it doesn't stop them from coming. i had to quit dairy completely and start drinking tons of green tea to slow down my acne. what this stuff IS good for

By aasaalhum,

may have helped acne? BURNED MY FACE ok, i'm not sure if my skin is super sensitive, or what...but i used very little baking soda and mixed it with water in...i even made it a watery consistency to play it safe and use as little as possible! and i rubbed it as gently as possible for only 15-20 seconds before washing it off. it literally burned my face. i have dark patches all over my cheeks...i think they're thin scabs, so it should take only a few days to go away, but STILL! however,

By aasaalhum,