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  1. look into accutane. that's all i can tell you, girl. and you know, when i see posts like this, i just want to meet the poster and become friends. this board has really been there for me a couple of times a few years ago. i wish you well, and you should just post here whenever you find yourself having a hard time. all the best
  2. you should try kicking dairy. took me 5 years to try it out, but it totally worked for me.
  3. and let me tell you. it works for me. it's crazy, i've gotten so good at it. even with the deep red ones that you're not supposed to touch. i wash my hands thoroughly every single time. and, of course, whiteheads are easy...but with the deep inflammatory ones, if you look in a magnified mirror, you can almost always see the one pore in which all that bacteria lies. so i clean a needle with alcohol and prick right into the pore (NOT deep! you don't want to even risk introducing bacteria into your
  4. aasaalhum

    PLEASE READ! helps get rid of acne faster seems to reduce the oilies gets rid of dark spots much faster than waiting! horrible if used improperly. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. when i had bad acne, i hated this stuff. i felt like i had no hope. when you have new inflammatory pimples popping up every night, this product is useless. it doesn't stop them from coming. i had to quit dairy completely and start drinking tons of green tea to slow down my acne. what this stuff IS good for
  5. aasaalhum

    may have helped acne? BURNED MY FACE ok, i'm not sure if my skin is super sensitive, or what...but i used very little baking soda and mixed it with water in...i even made it a watery consistency to play it safe and use as little as possible! and i rubbed it as gently as possible for only 15-20 seconds before washing it off. it literally burned my face. i have dark patches all over my cheeks...i think they're thin scabs, so it should take only a few days to go away, but STILL! however,
  6. i've had a relatively easy life. i've hardly ever stepped out of line or put my emotions and feelings out there to be crushed. turns out that's exactly what i did about two years ago, and looking back, i realize that i was severely depressed last year when i frequented these boards. and i'm almost certain that instead of acne causing my depression, it was the opposite. i think my hormones were out of whack last year, and that's what caused the worst acne i've had in my life. i think back to just
  7. thank you! although i'm kind of worried about starting a new topical, so since i've been on taz for a month already, i'll probably just stick with it and hopefully it'll turn out well! thanks again
  8. 14 weeks and still breaking out?? i think i'll go with the .1 gel and see what happens. tazorac is SO expensive, though...i don't know how much my insurance is going to help, and the cash price is about 450!
  9. i'm using .1% cream, so it's pretty strong, but the gel would probably work even better...and i have oily skin, so i'm thinking about having my dad call in a rx for the gel. i've also been on 45 mg of minocycline for a month. i'm just tired of all this and wearing makeup that looks crappy because of my uneven skin tone and oil slick of a face. for those of you with more experience, do you think the gel would be better for very oily skin? and thanks for the link i hope i get my skin back...
  10. physician's formula tinted moisturizer smells like death. don't buy it.
  11. and i'm still getting 1-2 pimples every night how long does it take to start working?! i'm getting these really hard nodules on my jawline every now and then, too. i hate it when does it start getting better?! my brother's wedding is in 2.5 months and i don't want my face to be covered with spots...
  12. well if you're gonna hardly eat, eat something substantial and healthy!
  13. me too...it's really weird and makes me feel like shit...because i know my potential in social situations, but i've also hit rock bottom in socializing at different points in my life...and it sucks.