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  1. Thanks man! But Yea, I should just put a dab only on my whiteheads so when it does have that drying effect. It's not going to look like I have dry skin. Because I work everyday as a cashier and people are going to look at me lol. So I don't want them to look at the drying gel after a few hours because it does look like skin is about to peel but it's actually the gel. But I just woke up and took a look at the mirror and I seen very very few drying gel on my face and I notice my face is getting
  2. I'm using the 4% gel atm, not really effective on pustules (big inflamed pimples) i would say from personal experience.. but works moderately on whiteheads. The gel contains alcohol that has drying effect, which is why you are experiencing skin peeling. Just give it a dab on your spots instead of swiping the gel all over.
  3. I think it's just female hormones, my female friends get breakouts on their chin often as well
  4. Hi everyone, i've been regularly browsing the boards since my acne started to pose as a problem way back in May and just started this acc cause i felt i needed some advice. Now my problem is that i went to a derm and as much as how acclaimed he is, he failed to give me the cause of my acne except that it was inflammatory. After 10 short minutes, I was prescribed with Minocycline 100mg per day and Eryacne Gel 4%, and a followup 6 weeks later. Results weren't satisfactory, but were keeping my out
  5. I totally understand how you feel.. best friends having the best of complexion yet your own skin pales in comparison. But just go out and have a good time, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  6. Your mindset of not avoiding people is right, acne won't stick with you forever but long lasting friends do !