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  1. okay so I go to the gym almost every day and eat 6 meals a day to pack on as much muscle as possible. However, I just noticed my acne might be because of my diet. I eat a bunch of high GL and processed foods. I decided I wanted to see if acne and diet have any relation for myslef. So starting tomorrow I am going to live on soy milk, smart start cereal, Kashi bars, whole grain bread, turkey breast and ham, starkist lunch to go tuna, brown rice instead of white, organic PB, fruits and vegtable
  2. 6 TIMES A DAY?? BULL SHIT. i go to the gym 6 times a week and im ten times bigger than you. You cant even lift 6 times a day. what you do, lift on one body part go home and then come back six times? Come on cuz get real
  3. lol. cest la vigne always answers questions quick. Devotes alot of time to helping people and I just wanted to say thanks....anyway, I had gotten off Proactiv for dans regimen about a week ago. I started with a half pump and just moved to a pump. Just letting you know since your switching products your skin might go a little crazy, well thats what happenned to me for the first two days. But I am so glad I stuck with DR. My recent outbreak is completely controlled and my problem areas are
  4. Im at tha gym 6 days a week and similar to your case I go after school. I wash my face and do the regimen in the morning and get to the gym about 6-730 or 8. For me, when I sweat a little it does burn but when I break a huge sweat it just takes the products off. So maybe leave the products on and just after your done lifting go play a game of bball or hit the cardio room. Works for me. Hope this helps
  5. thanks dacha, really appreciate it. That makes alot of sense. I lowered my dose to 1/2 a pump this morning and i'll keep doing that for a week and then start upping. Hopefully I can get 100 percent clear in a few months. Again, thanks for the advice, ill update in a week or 2
  6. When i say going crazy i mean breakout along my jawline and cheek and slight redness on my chin and tzone. I applied alot of BP when on proactiv espicially on my problem areas, so I hope its just a minor flareup because im applying alot less. I willl keep updating.
  7. thanks for the advice and i use about 1/2- 3/4 of a pump not 1, my mistake. I hope this gets better
  8. in the videos and on the aha section dan says that aha can be used as the nightly moisturizer or a spot treatment a month into the regimen. Aha has all good revies, I cant wait to use it in a few weeks
  9. Okay so I just switched from proactiv to dans regimen with all his products yesterday night. I just got done washing, treating, and moisturizing for the third time with dans regimen. My skin actually went down from moderate acne to mild acne in two months with proactiv, but proactivs effectivness completely went down and I started getting pimples again so i decided to switch. I was applying ALOT of BP with proactiv and now going to about 1 pump to start off with my skin is going crazy. Its s
  10. I just got off proactiv for dans regimen yesterday. I had moderate acne and proactiv solution Did somewhat work bringing my acne down to mild. It wasnt very effective 2 months later and I got my breakouts again. it completey screws your skin. I had to go to school with dry, dry, dry, flakey skin all over my face. This is day 2 for me on dans regimen and his moistuizer completely moisturized my skin and took away my flakiness in about 2 uses. Although I havent seen any improvement, it is onl
  11. Are you only putting medicated treatment on pimples? try the whole face. This way you are not continually chasing spots on your face
  12. yea, ive noticed this too. also, when my skin is dry, I find my acne actually gets worse...alot worse.
  13. Doing any type of regimen Morning and night is so important. IT will be worth it in the long run, trust me. The redness should subside after awhile. When I was on proactiv my skin was super red and burning for the first week and a half. Also, oil blotter sheets can take care of the oily skin
  14. The regimen says to add 4-5 drops of jojoba oil to the moisturizer. does that mean the bottle of moisturizer or adding 4-5 drops to the one pump??? Thanks
  15. thanks for helping me out guys, first off im 16 years old with mild-moderate acne. I have been using proactiv for two months up until this morning and tonight I am changing to dans regimen. But can I start off with the full two pumps of BP since I have been on proactiv???