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  1. I bought Dan's AHA, and when I opened the packaging, I noticed it was HOT! It must have been UPS keeping it in a hot truck. Some of it leaked as well. I am wondering: should I still use it? did the heat ruin it? Thanks!
  2. Wow, your acne is NOT bad. In fact, its not even mild. The advantage you have is that your acne is not cystic, or does not contain papules and postules (which leave scars). Your acne should not leave anything behind when its healed. You just have to find the right treatment and the healing will start. I promise. Just do rigorous testing. Its not fast, but once you get the right regimen, you'll be happy as ever.
  3. I just bought 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil by Desert Essence. I hear tea tree oil is strong stuff. I have one major zit on my face, and I basically dabbed a little bit of the tea tree oil with a cotton stick and rubbed it on the zit. Is this how I put it on? I don't know if I should mix a certain amount with water, because I hear its pretty harsh stuff. But, after I put on the oil, I did not feel a burning sensation at all. Thanks all.