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  1. @icepikachu: I don't have any advice for you regarding the dermaroller. However, I totally know how deflating it is to see your scars in the mirror over and over again. I used to do the same - just looking and examining and wishing things were better. I have to say, my mood and overall quality of life got better once I decided to stop looking in the mirror so often. I made a conscious decision to stop examining myself so much because looking at my scars doesn't change their appearance at all. I
  2. Yes, I do still have improvement from the saline injections. I would say the improvement was around 25-30%.

    1. sorry i got confused you r not violet :( sorry ! hope hear from u very soon :)

      1. HI Violet

        I would like to know how is your scar now after the saline injection do you still have the improvement ;) please let me know i will appreciated :)

        1. I personally believe that not everyone bleeds in response to dermarolling. I don't bleed much and I push pretty much as hard as I can.
        2. Yep - I use the stamp version myself once every few months (but I haven't been consistent lately...). I like to user copper peptides for the first 2 days after the dermarolling session and then Vitamin C every other day. I have been using the powder for years now and am really happy with it. With that being said, I haven't tried many other options so I don't have much to compare to.
        3. I personally like the Vitamin C powder by Philosophy - you just mix a small amount in with your moisturizer. It is nice because the powder isn't as unstable as most of the liquid forms of Vitamin C.
        4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you *might* never outgrow your acne. There are many adults of all ages that still have acne long after most people typically stop getting it... I would say treat it now - newer scar tissue is easier to heal than old scar tissue. Good luck!
        5. I agree that 2 weeks might be a good time frame for the next roll. I saw Dr. Sire for saline injections (there has been a lot of discussion about him in other threads) and he recommended I come back every 2 weeks for about 2 months. With that being said, everyone heals differently so this might be too short of a time frame for some people.
        6. I am not quite sure how much improvement I have seen... I am also using Vitamin C daily and a glycolic peel every two weeks so it is hard to know which product the improvement stems from. Plus, I haven't been very consistent in using it everyday like I am supposed to - this makes it even harder to figure out if it is helping. I think I will at least keep using it until the tube is gone, but I can't decide if I should get the prescription refilled or not. Nadzu - keep us posted on how it is worki
        7. I would estimate about 30-40% improvement. The most improvement I have seen is on some of the smaller scars - the deeper ones are ever so slightly better but it seems like they will take more time. I am also excited to add a red LED the next time I roll - hopefully it will help with the healing process!
        8. Hmmm, I guess I mean both. I have both red marks and rolling indentations so I could certainly use help with either. I was under the impression my derm prescribed it for help with the red marks though.
        9. I just wanted to add in my opinion about bleeding since it is an unusual one. I've used a 1.5 dermaroller and rejuvastamp about 5 times total now and haven't bled a single time. I know people will think it is because I didn't roll hard enough, but I swear I did. Especially with the stamp - I don't think there is anyway I could have pushed harder I was using so much force. I even stretched the skin first and then pushed with all of my might and still no bleeding (btw I only roll on my cheeks).
        10. I found a red LED really cheap on Amazon. It was only $30 for had the correct wavelength (660nm). You can find it by looking at the products for the company LED wholesalers - just make sure you look for the 660nm because they have a few different versions.