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  1. I have cut out cheese since like 2 or 3 months ago, and I do feel like it helps and I even tested it by not eating cheese at all or anything dairy that means you need to check the label on EVERYTHING. I tested it by not eating anything dairy for like 3 weeks and then I would drink milk and that same day I saw my active acne look so IMFLAMED & RED and Idk if you get zits but when I do they feel like tingly & itchy thats when I know I'm going to get a zit lol it was crazy! and I accidently
  2. @Katieocasey Hey! Sorry I'm replying sooo late (holiday season) is crazy! Yeah when I was taking the 100mg twice a day, my stomach at first was burning and it hurt but making sure you eat around the time you take the pill should help it not burn / hurt. But I am not taking the normal dosage anymore, since I have been on this treatment since August 2015 which I started with 100mg then a month later in October 16, 2015 I was taking 100mg 2x day continued that for like 5 months then on Feb. 2016 I
  3. @Katieocasey Yeah when I first started my antibiotics, my stomach was feeling pretty messed up like I had this burning feeling like all the time! Derma told me to take it on an empty stomach and I was like heck no, thats going to kill my stomach even worse. I always take my antibiotic at 12 pm (afternoon) to give me time to process my food and feel pretty full. But just make sure your definitely getting a healthy dose of probiotics also there is non-dairy options like water kefir you can mak
  4. @VulneraryRain so its okay to use BHA every morning I thought you should only use it like 2 or 3 times a week? Because I want to purchase leave on BHA and AHA. What I usually do is cleanse, moisturize then apply topical then sunscreen I also wait like 15 mins each step and 20 mins when needed to put on the topical which is Aczone (dapsone gel) in the mornings. And I do the Ziana (clindamycin + tretinion) at night. I would try the rose water toner but I have allergies and plant stuff, I'm afr
  5. @Katieocasey Yeah basically I apply it to my whole face lol but I try not to put it near my upper lip and close to my lip area because I'm VERY sensitive there. I'm also on an antibiotic (doxycyline hyclate) girl let me tell you I broke out horribly like it made me cry like a good two times when it broke me. But seriously, just remember acne treatment are supposed to get all that crap out so just remember it will get better. But if I could go back I wouldnt take antibiotics honestly their great
  6. Whoa Retin A also! thats seems like it'll be very irritating especially since Benzaclin has BP in which is very strong. Thats actually really surprising that he perscribed you that. But LOL now with Retin A , I really think you should ease into this routine cause your skin already seems irritated. Does your skin burn ? like a little , when applying stuff or washing your face? If so maybe I would start easing the Retin A like every other 2 evenings then do that for like 1-2 weeks then start using
  7. So I read somewhere that since an AHA is an acid and Tretinoin doesn't work with acids. I use Aczone (dapsone) gel and I use Ziana ( clindamycine + tretinoin) gel at night. And I want to use a BHA and a 8% AHA from Paula's Choice but I'm scared to use the AHA because I think Ziana gel (the one with tretinoin in it) helps my acne some bit. I mainly have pustules also, supposably BHA are best for those with oily skin which is my problem and I am getting some breakouts so new acne scars and hyperpi
  8. Hi there, your skin is looking better ! But your face looks pretty red I have tried Benzaclin before and I had a SEVERE allergic reaction I'm talking swollen eyes and lips lol it was BAD but this happened I think literally the first week of using it so I think your in the clear. But your skin is clearing up but your skin looks irritated. So I REALLY think you should apply a VERY thin layer of Benzaclin. A little goes a long way, cliche I know but you definitely don't want to cause an allergic r
  9. I use Aczone (dapsone gel) in the morning and Ziana (clindamycine + tretinion ) at night. How do I use Glycolic acid and how often with combination of my topical routine? Like how do I switch it around with a BHA. Also I am thinking of using ACV as a toner , maybe later but for right now I want to use a BHA and if my skin responds well then possible use AHA ( I'm planning on using Paula's choice Pore Perfecting BHA exfoliant 2% ) heard good things about this BHA and it contains Green tea which
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah , using antibiotics on a empty stomach was insane to me. I didn't do that , I knew I could never continue to use an antibiotic daily on an empty stomach I would probably die from the burning in your stomach. And I also can't tolerate acidic drinks either, gives me heartburn. Unfortunately BP did clear me up, but my eyes and mouth got swollen but I hear after continuois use of BP even at a moderate percentage can make your skin addicted to it and if you stop using BP
  11. Tbh I just don't like the idea of needles rolling on my skin, literally terrified lol And I haven't done research on that , but I heard people who do micro needling they buy a new derma roller each time to reduce risk of infection as for needle sizes and all that I know nothing of.
  12. Brian Turner's the man, he gives me hope for acne. And yeah his skin texture looks noticeably a lot better ! But I'm scared to do microneedling by myself like you can do more damage , you can get an infection or make the scars look worse if you use the wrong size or don't use the right amount of pressure or too much pressure. I rather pay to get it done idk maybe you should look into a AHA to help with the texture.
  13. I'll definitely look into the flaxseed, so AHA helped you with your acne? like what type of acne do you have? cause I get under the skin bumps that then come to the surface and turn into pustules. Because people say don't use it , if you still have acne only use it to treat for scars but then theres people who say it helped clear up their acne. Btw what AHA do you use ?
  14. Yes ! I completely agree I wasn't happy on being put on Antibiotics in the first place but I have been on Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg since August 2015 for a while it was twice a day and I felt the effects surely and also the acne I got on my cheeks was so bad (the problem area) as before I would get like 3 under the skin bumps that would inflame and just felt really sensitive to touch. So I felt tired when I was taking it twice a day , but then she brought me down to 100 mg a day for a while, an
  15. Yeah I moisturize first then apply whatever I need. Do you know a good BHA ? I just thought an AHA is just stronger and better to be honest I don't know now what to use lol Like I get pustules that are the width of a mechanical pencil eraser (thats the best thing I could come up with to explain the size) or maybe just a little bit smaller but they get inflamed and pointy for a good while and they look like a mountain on my face for a period of time till all the white crap comes to surface and tu