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  1. To the OP, how did milk of magnesia work out? im going to start using that as a primer. im not looking for a cure or anything, just something so i can blot less during the day and waste less money on blotting sheets lol
  2. i wash my face morning and night and also use the clean and clear blotting sheets throughout the day. nothing works better! i also used a translucent primer and powder made specifically for oily skin which helps too
  3. those sound great. especially the second one listed. i hope something like that comes out soon!!
  4. ya i am in the same boat actually. two rounds of accutane but the oily skin came back. i get minor breakouts and use retin a but its so freakin oily i cant stand it!
  5. LAST POST. i just finished accutane last week. i have my derm appointment tomorrow and im so happy that im finally off this medicine because i was on it for so long. im happy with my skin at the moment. it looks good. i do breakout still but not everyday and usually around my period. however i just switched to ocella (yasmin generic) and i have a feeling that will take care of those stubborn breakouts. i spot treat with a retin a thing and that seems to work okay. otherwise my skincare is pretty
  6. i use Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe vera gel you can find reviews on makeupalley.com. ive been using it for a while and yes, alone it can be drying but i add a drop/squirt of it to my moisturizer and mix it all around and that way its not drying at all. i do find that the quality of my skin looks better
  7. ive tried drinking it and applying it. it helps redness, but it dries out your skin which in turn, makes you red, so i guess it doesn't really do much if u have normal or dry skin. if u have oily skin and are not on any topicals it could work. i drank like 5 cups a day for all of last summer and didn't see a difference. but you have nothing to lose. green tea is good for u so u might as well give it a try.
  8. thanks for the responses! @acneslayer: its good to hear someone had luck with it!! i know it might now work for me, but its nice to have a little reassurance. @nessa: ur experiences sound similar to mine. about 2 or 1.5 weeks before my period i get really depressed, agitated, angry, way more insecure and sensitive and i can have suicidal thoughts. then during my period my skin looks fantastic and i feel happy again. then it repeats itself. of course there will be times that im sad, that isnt r
  9. i was given apri. which i guess is similar to ortho cept and desogen. any one heard of this?
  10. thanks for the post! im going to try and get yaz (not generic) because what i have now just does not work
  11. @floating ophelia: ya i mean i still drink but i drink normally. like a couple beers one weekend night. and the way you feel the next morning is neverrrrrr ever ever worth it @kairasa: im actually looking forward to just being me next year and having a fresh start and not caring if i dont have makeup on or my skins a bitch. i want to breakout of that shell
  12. thanks for the replies! defiantly made me feel better @hiddenspirit: your right and i know, i dont drink like that anymore, it was a phase i guess @spectacled owl: ya i know i just have to go with it, i just feel so..weird ha @courtney ann: it is nerve racking, the whole bathroom thing. i think im just going to suck it up and try not to care what people think and set up a nice area in my room to do my hair/put on makeup/skin stuff etc. and ya i defiantly want my next kiss to be when im sober/
  13. Thanks for the positive feed backs! i appreciate it @amber: ya im on othro tri cyclin generic. ughh but im glad u had luck with yaz, i hope i do too! @melissa: my derm says the same thing, that yaz and yasmin are different and help more with acne. sounds like you had luck with it so i hope i do too!! and ya ppl seriously freak out all the time, i was on accutane twice and they have the law suit commercials too and god i had more side effects on antibotics than i did accutane!