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  1. DO NOT USE A RETINOID WHEN YOUR SKIN IS IRRITATED!!!! ESPECIALLY IF SUNBURNT!! Benzoyl peroxide is also a NO-NO! Please wait til your skin recovers and then slowly (and i mean SLOWLY) ease your way back up to a normal "pea-sized" amount to apply to your skin.
  2. You REALLY don't want them on your skin at the same time. It will be way too harsh. If you do decide to use both, go very lightly with the BP (during the day) before you go to bed be sure to wash your face, before you apply any retinoid
  3. What else are you on besides Tazorac? I'm guessing it's something like this. 1) Oral Antibiotic (100 mg, twice a day) 2) Some sort of topical antibiotic / benzoyl peroxide cream or gel (during the day) 3) Tazorac (at night) This might help a little. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Info-reti...ial-t98395.html "in the worse case scenario you will get about 15 months of pimples in only 3 months." how is your skin tolerating the tazorac ? how much are you using?
  4. You might think you're skin is "used to Benzoyl peroxide" and it's not. The Regimen is a whole different animal here. You're about to unleash a whole lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort if you don't START SLOW. 1. One pump is enough, Dan likes to use two. 2. If you don't get any "zits" there, then there is no real need to apply BP.
  5. Very strange. The acne.org moisturizer already has Jojoba oil mixed into it, so additional jojoba shouldn't be necessary. Maybe you're using too much moisturizer? Is your skin flaking off still as well?
  6. Flakiness This can be avoided by using either Cetaphil's moisturizing lotion (amazing product!) http://media.dermstore.com/catalog/100036/300x300/152.jpg or Adding in 6 drops of Jojoba oil into your Olay Complete and mixing it in before applying. Redness You need to be very careful about how much BP you use. You only need enough to keep yourself clear, which in your case doesn't seem to be that much. Some people can get away with using much smaller amounts than "2 pumps" or "2 fingers wo
  7. I'm not saying its a bad article... but I will say this. 1) This is not a peer reviewed or scholarly work. In fact its not based off of research of any kind. 2) This not even from a magazine or ANY sort of credible publication 3) This website is the work of a SINGLE person, (e.g. a blog). It might as well say www.geocities.com/highonhealth
  8. There is no such thing as a "best moisturizer." There are many really good ones out there, everyone prefers something different. The best with Zinc Oxide (physical block) Olay complete all day moisture lotion SPF 15 for sensitive skin. For me, it does a fantastic job blocking UV rays, and is a great moisturizer. The problem for me is that it goes on a little white (which eventually goes away) and does fight flakes as well as I need it to for my skin. The best with Avobenzone (chemical block)
  9. Sorry to hear the news. It sucks, but you're going to have some outbreaks from time to time. I do find it interesting that when breakouts do happen, they happen with many comedones all in the same area. This could imply that the skin in that area did not get as much BP as needed (when dealing with microscopic bacteria, how could you possibly know?) The regimen is not 100% effective (like most things in life) but the main thing is to keep applying BP consistently and evenly, taking the time to
  10. You need to start taking pictures. It'll make it very easy to see either improvements over the passing weeks. Just using your "gut feeling" won't be good enough as you'll be constantly agonizing over every little thing and it'll never feel better, when it actually could be slowly improving. What did your dermatologist prescribe you?
  11. As mentioned in the article, it takes time, and lots of it. Some marks can take up to 2 years to fade. Two months seems a little short, but you should have noticed an improvement by now. Are you taking pictures so you have solid evidence by which you're making your judgements by, or are you just going by your "gut feeling"? Go talk to your dermo and tell them your concerns about post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and he'll prescribe you a retinoid, and this should fix the problem.
  12. This should help a lot. There is no doubt that Benzoyl peroxide can increase the healing time of hyperpigmentation, but as long as you're clear and not developing new papules / comedones it'll eventually all go away. http://acne.about.com/od/acnesymptoms/a/pih.htm
  13. How long did it take you on the regimen to get completely clear?
  14. You might have to get a little more aggressive with your treatment. As for myself, I moved from two pumps slowly up to three (only at night) and its worked great for me. Whatever little zit that DOES come through, you can just zap with a small application of AHA+ two-three times over the course of the day. I really don't think there is a correlation between Cetaphil and your single zit.... your sample size is waaaaay too small to make any definitive conclusions. Cetaphil is non-comedogenic,
  15. It goes on completely clear and is still SPF 15, so it makes it a perfect moisturizer for the day.