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  1. Has anyone tried this? I couldn't find any adequate reviews that don't look sponsored, so I would love to know if anyone here has any experience with this product, and whether or not it's bullshit. Thanks! Edit: I should include the website - http://www.celabright.com/ and this is where I first heard about it - http://www.skin-lightener-reviews.com/#review Desperate to banish those spots.
  2. I use this: http://www.illuminarecosmetics.com/product_p/e-105.htm It's pretty much the best, ha. I don't know, I like it an awful lot. I've tried quite a few different foundations and so far I like this the best...although I haven't tried CoverFX yet, but that's supposed to be quite good, too. But the Illuminare is liquid MINERAL make-up, which is particularly attractive to me, AND the coverage is pretty intense. I mean, it's not so intense that it's completely mask-like, but somehow it reta
  3. They may not be looking for that kind of thing on blood tests, but I wonder if weed interacts with the medication in any way. But yeah, I think I've decided on emu oil. Thanks for your input! Appreciate the help :) Hope it all goes well for you, too.
  4. I doubt these supplements will reduce the effectiveness of the medication...just as long as you're not taking vitamin A, you should be fine, as I understand it. I'm actually going out to buy vit. e, biotin (for the hair), and milk thistle (for the liver). I asked my pharmacist before leaving with the accutane yesterday if it's okay to take supplements besides vitamin a, and he said it's perfectly fine.
  5. Hmm...I didn't think of that. Probably best to err on the safe side anyway and stay away from it. Thanks for your help!! :)
  6. Where did Frida go? I just started reading all of her posts and was really enjoying her sweet, bubbly attitude. Oh dear, I hope it wasn't the boyfriend situation that sent her away One simply can't depend too strongly on another like that. There is no true happiness to derive solely from outside sources! However, I was terribly upset to read that bit, and don't think at all there was any over-reaction to the situation. Hope you come back Frida <3
  7. So, took my first pill today. I've been prescribed 40mg. -Should I not wash my face with glycolic acid? I use Neostrata...is that too irritating?-I use a moisturizer at night that contains ALA, DMAE, Vit. C ester, and Hyaluronic acid...is that bad? -As for my diet, are there foods I should avoid?-Toner (also has glycolic in it)...is that a no-no?-I like to bleach my sideburns, lol...I don't really need to, but I like to...should I not?(edit) 2 more quick questions: -Weed...is that bad for ac
  8. Does anyone else here struggle with this? While my problem doesn't just involve my skin, it's one of my main concerns. One of the defining factors in diagnosing such a problem as this is the fact that the defects are perceived. I, like the rest of you, have an acne problem...however, it's just not as severe as I think and I shouldn't be so preoccupied with it to let it interfere with my life. I spend a lot of time fretting over my skin...observing myself in every reflective surface (mirrors, w